I can’t understate how important a good quality lube can be to your lovemaking. Especially where anal play is concerned. I was delighted when Latex, Leather & Lace sent me a bottle of Wicked Jelle water-based anal lubricant.

Wicked is one of my favourite brands of lubricants, and their extensive range of products is fantastic. So, you can understand how happy I was when I got to try another bottle out – I love my job. I really enjoyed reviewing the Wicked Toy Love Lube which is another fantastic lube.

So, after testing it out numerous times on myself and of course my submissive I can tell you all about it with some confidence (and more importantly no discomfort).

This is a deliciously thick and screamy lubricant that makes anal play a delight.

Delivery & Packaging

Latex, Leather & Lace never let me down when it comes to deliveries. Their products always arrive well packaged in discreet packaging that carries no indication of the kinky delights held within.

It is essential to know that you can trust a company to value your privacy and discretion, and that is one of the things I love about Latex, Leather & Lace.

Product Materials and Packaging

I love the tubes that Wicked use, they are discreet and work very well. It’s the ideal packaging style for anyone living in shared accommodation or with young children. So, if you leave it lying around by accident, it isn’t immediately apparent what it is.

Image showing the branding of the Wicked Jelle Lube tube.

The branding of the Wicked Lubed is discreet and rather nice

The back of the tube has a wealth of product information on it, including the all-important ingredients list, which is fantastic.

It is essential to be able to know what is in your lube to make sure there are no nasty chemicals that are going to imbalance your natural pH levels.

It’s good to know that Wicked is upfront about their ingredients and they aren’t hiding anything.

Image showing the back of the lube tube with instructions and ingredients

It is good to see Wicked upfront about their ingredients

Wicked Jelle is a deliciously thick lube formulated for anal pleasure and play. It is absolutely fantastic in this role too. I usually recommend Sliquid Sassy for anyone asking about an excellent anal lube, but now I recommend Wicked Jelle.

While it is marketed as an anal lube, it is also perfect for clitoral and vaginal play as well.

Its body-safe formula feels fantastic, and it lasts a long time when compared with other water-based lubes. The blend of ingredients will also not mess with your delicate vaginal pH levels.

This is something often ignored with other anal lubes. So, using it doesn’t increase your risk of yeast infections.

As it is free from latex and glycerin if you have allergies to these ingredients you needn’t worry. It is also condom friendly, which is just as crucial for anal play as it is for vaginal play.

However, you may find you need a little more with a condom though just to make it more comfortable.


Its thick consistency makes Wicked Jell so easy to apply. I would describe it as deliciously thick and creamy.

It is definitely the most viscous lube I have ever reviewed, and I like that. As it is so thick, applying it is easy and not as messy as other thinner lubes. You won’t get it all over your sheets or clothing.

When you apply a drop to your finger, it stays there even if held upside down. This means that all of it reached the parts that you want to lubricate without making a mess everywhere.

Image showing some lube being dispensed from its tube

Wicked Jelle Lube is deliciously thick

Wicked Jelle Lube has a subdued fresh scent that isn’t overpowering at all, it almost smells natural.

I find overpowering scents in lubes off-putting and needless, so this lube really ticks the box for me in that regards.

When it comes to dispensing it from the tube, you need to squeeze the tube carefully to get just what you want out.

There’s no need to rush things though as this lube stays put on your finger. So by taking your time, there is less wastage, and your lube lasts much longer.

Image showing the lube stick to my finger

This lube is so thick is stays put without dripping

Due to its high viscosity, I can almost guarantee that you will end up playing with it between your finger and thumb when you first use it.

The way it stretches between your digits is fascinating, or, maybe I am just weird LOL.

The only thing that would make this lube even better would be to see it in a pump dispenser, but it is probably too thick for that.

The cap on this one is quite noisy to open and close too. This may be an issue if you are planning on any clandestine wanking.

I am glad to report that it is desensitiser free, which is a good thing on safety grounds.

Image showing the lube stretching between my fingers

Wicked Jelle lube is so thick it’s fun to play with

I never recommend anal lubes if they contain desensitisers as this can allow you to hurt yourself. Pain if you experience it during anal, is your bodies way of saying stop or take it slowly.

While lots of other anal lubes have desensitiser in them to make anal less painful, this masking can cause injury or micro-tears in the membranes of your anus or sphincter. There is no risk of this problem with Wicked Jelle due to its lack of desensitisers.

I think that Wicked Jelle is a fantastic lube for anyone new to anal play and experienced players alike. Its long-lasting nature, its viscosity and its ease of application all make it a superb lube.

It has superb lubricating qualities which let’s face it is what it is all about.

As it lasts for a long time, you don’t need to worry about drying out in the middle of a hard pounding. The lack of a desensitiser makes you less likely to come to any harm with anal play too.

Image showing the cap and dispensing hole of the packaging

The Wicked Jelle packaging is functional and the cap seals well once closed

Therefore it’s ideal for long term butt plug play as well as strap-on fun, pegging and anal sex.

As it lasts a long time, it means that you use less and that is good for your bank balance.

In use, as it dries out it doesn’t leave that sticky feeling you get with other water-based lubes. After using it vaginally, I was left feeling moisturised and clean, not tacky like other lubes I have tried as they dry out.

Cleaning after a play session is effortless, just a warm wet cloth allows you to clean yourself up and it comes off sex toys easily.

The small size to the tube makes it an ideal travel companion, and it slips into your handbag when travelling to meets. So you are never without some lube for those impromptu sessions when you really need it.

It has a bigger brother though and is available in 240ml size as opposed to the 120ml one that I am reviewing which is fantastic.

For an anal lube of this quality, the price is excellent. It lasts for a long time, and you don’t need much, outperforming lots of cheaper lubes that need topping up. A bottle will last you for a long time.

The Wicked range of lubes are fantastic, they offer performance at a price that won’t break the bank. They last a long time making them excellent value for money.

Image showing how thick Wicked Jelle Lube is

Wicked Jelle is a great lube that performs very well indeed


Again, Wicked has blown me away with another fantastic lube. Jelle is a water-based lube with so many uses, and it is perfect for anal play. But don’t forget that you can use it elsewhere too.

Its long-lasting properties mean you only need a small amount and it doesn’t need much topping up in use.

As it dries, it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky, and it is so easy to clean off both yourself and your toys.

So, if you want a first-rate lube that will both perform well and last you a long time then definitely grab a tube of Wicked Jell from Latex, Leather and Lace.

Grab a 120ml Tube for just £10.95
Or, grab its bigger brother the 240ml tube for just £16.95