So, what exactly is E-stim?

My name is Joanne, and I am a self-confessed Electro-queen who loves her e-stim masturbation sessions. I have been stimming for three years now, and this is the first in a series of articles about this kinky and unusual sexual activity.

Image showing the Electropebble e-stim kit

The ElectroPebble is a great beginners kit

Most people cringe at the thought of passing electricity through their genitals and are surprised when told that it could get them off. The very idea that electricity can provide true hands-free orgasms is often perplexing or even deviant in some way. But it isn’t, it is real, and it is an activity that is gaining a lot of attention as more and more people discover this incredible way to enjoy themselves.

You see, from a very early age, we are conditioned to think that electricity is dangerous and while this is entirely true we already use electrical items regularly for great benefit, consider heart pacemakers, for instance, these are positively beneficial and accepted by everyone. So why don’t more people know about the way we can use electricity to stimulate ourselves to an orgasm?

Education and information basically, this is where these articles are going to come in. I am going to dispel some myths, cover essential safety aspects and give you the information that you need to explore this growing sphere of sexual pleasure.

While I have been stimming for years, and my first hands-free orgasm was a revelation to me. I was blown away by how intense, and enjoyable this first session was, and I enjoy informing others so that they can experience it too.

So read on to discover the e-stim and electrosex basics.


Firstly I want to cover some cardinal rules of e-stim or electrostimulation, all of these make sense, but it is essential to understand them.

  1. Never let an e-stim current pass through the chest (aka no stimming above the waist). Our hearts run on electrical impulses and the currents used can be affected if other currents pass through the chest area. Never stim above the waist unless you fancy a trip to A&E or possibly worse.
  2. Joanne likes to play safely

    Always play safely and enjoy your e-stim fun

    Wear latex gloves while stimming – this boils back down to rule number one. If you have bare hands and you accidentally touch an electrode or unshielded cable you could get a current flowing up your arm and through your chest cavity. Gloves also make play cleaner, safer and a lot kinkier too.

  3. Only play with equipment designed for e-stim. Always check that your control box carries a CE mark in the EU, this means it has been rigorously tested and proved to be safe to use. Never build your own control boxes unless you really know what you are doing.
  4. Always attach or remove electrodes with the control box switched off as otherwise, you can get a nasty shock.
  5. Never use e-stim if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or have a heart condition or pacemaker fitted.

That’s basically it, most of it is common sense but if you only remember one of them then remember the most important one – never let an e-stim current go through the chest.


To enjoy e-stim fun and games, you need to create a circuit with you in the loop. Think of a battery and two lengths of cable going to a light bulb, that’s a pretty simple picture in your head. Now substitute yourself for the lightbulb, and you basically have an e-stim circuit.

Instead of a battery we use an e-stim control box that produces an alternating electrical output that is safe to use, we then use some wires for the current to travel through and some electrodes that we attach to our body (remember, we are the lightbulb). These electrodes are placed so that the electrical current can stimulate both our muscles and our nervous system. This direct stimulation of the nervous system is fantastic as your brain will learn to interpret the sensations as pleasure and believe me you can get a lot of pleasure this way.

That is a simple e-stim circuit, but you may now be thinking, electrodes, what are they? Well, I am going to cover some of them next, there is a vast range of general electrodes plus some speciality ones which I will just touch upon.

Pad Electrodes

Image showing Self adhesive pad electrodes

Self adhesive pad style electrodes

This is the cheapest form of electrode, and you often get some for free when you buy an e-stim control box or a kit. They have a single cable coming from them and are sticky so that they stick to bare skin.

It’s a good idea to shave the area that you are going to attach them to as the glue is very good. As each only has one cable we call them monopole (single-pole) electrodes and you will, of course, need two to connect to your control box so that the current can flow into you, through you and then out again back to the control box.

An excellent example of this type of electrode is E-Stim Systems Electro Pads. Adhesive pad electrodes are lots of fun, cheap and of course gender neutral so anyone can enjoy them.

Cock Loops & Rings

Image showing conductive rubber cock loops

A pair of conductive rubber cock loops

A favourite electrode type for penis owners is the trusty Conductive Rubber Loop, these are placed around the shaft of the penis or even around the testicles, and each connects to one cable to form the circuit.

They are great as they interact directly with your dorsal and medial nerves that run down the penis to your perineum.

You can also use just one and an adhesive pad electrode to try some different combinations. Use a good water-based lube or preferably E-Stim Systems Conductive ElectroGel on the loops to aid their electrical connection.

Insertable Electrodes

Image showing the bobble bipolar insertable electrode

The Bobble bipolar electrode is a lot of fun

These are my favourite types of electrodes, they are designed to be inserted into the vagina or anus. You can get monopole insertables that you can use with a pad electrode to form a circuit.

More often though you will find the insertable electrode has two wires or two sockets and this type of electrodes are called bipolar-electrodes as they have two contacts.

This type of electrode feels fantastic, I like to describe the sensations from them as ‘Ghost Fucking’, with one inside my vagina or anus the electrical current causes my pelvic floor muscles to contract and release.

This muscle stimulation makes the electrode move inside me, and it honestly feels like a good hard shagging. A firm favourite of mine which is an excellent example of a bipolar electrode is the Bobble from E-Stim Systems.

Insertable electrodes are gender free and can be used by anyone either vaginally or anally. Make sure that you use lots of water-based lube or preferably some E-Stim Systems Conductive ElectroGel, this not only makes it easier to insert but it also provides a better electrical connection. These types of electrode have the current either flowing side to side or top to bottom as in this picture of the Bobble.

Speciality Electrodes

Image showing the Python bipolar ball electrode

The Python crushes and stimulates testicles

As well as your Adhesive Pads, Cock Rings and Insertable Electrodes you can also get some kinky yet fun electrodes for some more advanced play.

For kinky medical play you can enjoy the Electro Speculum, yes you really can enjoy e-stim while playing doctors and nurses.

If you enjoy more of a BDSM style of play and fancy crushing and teasing a pair of testicles then you can enjoy the E-Stim Systems Python where you can induce pain or pleasure depending on your mood.

Skin play has never been so much fun than when you play with an Electro Pin Wheel which is available as a Monopole Version or a Bipolar Version. Just rolling the pinwheel needles across bare skin feels fantastic but when you add an e-stim current to the play, it takes on a whole new level of enjoyment.

Use some electrolube on your skin to aid the electrical contact. This type of skin play is a favourite of mine and it feels incredible. Pin-wheels look very scary but they can be used gently for some surprising sensations.

That is just scratching the surface as the list goes on and on.


E-stim is a lot of fun and it is also a very safe activity as long as you use equipment designed for electrosex and you remember the basic rules. It can bring on amazing hands-free orgasms, and can be used on your own or with a partner. Throw in some rope, and a blindfold for some very kinky fun.

I encourage you to try it or learn more about this amazing sexual activity.

I will be writing more e-stim articles covering control boxes and electrodes in much more detail, but hopefully, this article has piqued your interest and made you curious about e-stim fun and games.