Spank me once, call me daft but use several instruments and call me happy….

For a long time, I’ve been lusting after a full set of the Oscuro BDSM black and red leather implements range.  A while back, I got the opportunity to review the Two Finger Devils Tail Leather Tawse and it’s been hung up proudly in my sex toy cupboard hoping that one day it’d have it’s friends join it.

By friends, I mean the matching two finger leather tawse, the three finger leather tawse and the adorable ‘spank me’ cut out spanking paddle.  Sure enough, I batted my eyelashes at Anna (rather than Patrick) and got a yes, but I had to run it past Patrick before leaving the building…so I waited until he was busy with a supplier. Mwahaaha…. and then they came home.

Just look at how pretty my sex cupboard door now looks:


Oscuro Range Look

The Oscuro range I think is beautiful.  It’s black thick leather with red stitching.  It all matches and this makes my heart very happy.  My heart wasn’t so happy that they aren’t all the same length but it can be forgiven since they are such amazing quality. The stitching frames each of the tawses and paddle. I’d love to see this range in Black and Purple too but Black and Red is very sexy and looks great as tools in your kit.

The range comes in minimal packaging and so you can see the wicked grins of the implements through a light plastic packaging which protects each of the items.  You could ask whether it needs packaging at all but to be honest, you wouldn’t want to have a ruined product before you’ve had a chance to ruin a loved one, right?  but it’s nice to see it’s minimal as I see so many toys that have excessive packaging.

Each of the items comes with a small rectangle Oscuro branded card that is secured by a tag.

Each tawse has a handle that you can hang it up with it, I’d say it wasn’t big enough to put over anyone’s wrist but at least you can hang them up neatly as I do on the back of my cupboard door.

On the paddle, there are words cut out that says ‘Spank Me’ this is on the back of the paddle as is aesthetic looks only – it does not imprint ‘Spank Me’ onto the bottom of the person you spank.  Other options are available on the website such as ‘Slut’ and ‘Love’ all of which are the same quality, just different wording. ‘Spank Me’ was my favourite one of them all.

If you like a thuddy feeling, then the paddle is for you. The tawses come with more of a sting,  especially the devil’s tawse.  Ouch.  Each of them has a lot of weight behind them and just sing quality as it hits the body of the person you’re spanking.  They are actually long enough to self-inflict pain if you feel that way out.

I demonstrated all of the items on my friend Rosie’s clothed bottom (ZebraRoseSub) so she could see what they were like before investing, who is one of the Fetish Faeries on this blog.   She ended up buying the two-fingered tawse and wrote a great piece of erotica about it which you can find here.   Whilst I can’t give everyone a spanking that requests one, you can visit the shop to feel each of these items and I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

The tawses and paddle are all easy to clean since they are leather but sadly they are not vegan but there is plenty of vegan items to have a look at in the shop including an amazing range of sexy shoes.    Since the items are indeed leather, the price of them is amazing for the quality that you have to hand and I highly recommend adding all of them to your collection because each of them gives a different feel dependant on how you swing or swat it.

They all leave different kinds of bruises / trophies on the bottom and such a luxurious burning red feeling when you sit down, and since I’m a masochist, I miss that feeling – must get someone to use them on me again very soon.

The links to each item mentioned in this post are here:

You’ll note the more vicious the item gets, the more expensive it is but in any case, I think these are awesome prices for decent products! Therefore, alongside the Devil Tail’s 10 out of 10, the other three of its friends and amazing implements also get a DivaFoof 10/10.

10 - DivaFoof Wax Seal