Picking a sexy gift to surprise your partner at Christmas isn’t the easiest thing you will do this year, but 2017 has provided us with some absolute gems when it comes to ideas for the perfect sexy gift this Christmas, so why not have spice up the festive holidays a little and take a look at a few of our top picks and see if there is something that takes your fancy, or more to the point something that your partner will fancy.

Lets start by looking at a few of the classics, and a few of the funkier new toys that have dominated our bed side tables in 2017, some of these top picks have stood the test of time and if you do not already have one then it’s probably time you did.

Wand Massagers.

If Carlsberg made wand massagers then the Doxy would probably be the best in the world. We currently have two versions of this amazing wand massager, although The Doxy 3 is coming soon, this amazing vibe has been around for many years and is always a popular pick, If you and your partner like powerful, deep vibrations then The Doxy is going to be an absolute winner.

The Doxy Massager, Top Christmas Gift

The Doxy Massager, Top Christmas Gift Pick of 2017

And whilst the Doxy can be enjoyed together or alone there are other top pic toys that can take your lovemaking to the next level.

Couples Vibrators.

Couples vibrators are a simple concept, and beautifully executed by the Partner range of couples vibes, designed to be worn during intercourse to provide additional stimulation to both partners medical grade silicone and USB rechargeable they are simple, yet very very effective little toys, and a perfect stocking filler to add some extra zazz to your festive lovemaking.

Partner Couples Vibes Sexy Christmas Lovemaking

Partner Couples Vibes Sexy Christmas Lovemaking

Couples vibes are a whole genre that is rapidly expanding, but the Partner series and also the We-Vibe collection provide some amazing products, that are sure to bring some fun to your festivities.

Especially for Her.

You may or may not have seen our recent back to back review of the Satisfier & Womaniser Pressure Wave Vibrators, or Clit Suckers as they are starting to be known, these amazing new toys really made it to the fore in 2017 and with the release of the Next Generation Satisfyers the best has just got even better.

Satisfyer Pressure Wave Clitoral Stimulators

Satisfyer Pressure Wave Clitoral Stimulators, or Clit Suckers as they as fast getting to be known.

These cute little vibes are almost silent and design for direct clitoral stimulation, our absolute favourite being the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, and amazing toy, which is a whole heap of orgasms in a box, and it’s super cute too.

A Little something for Him.

Now we shouldn’t just be looking at gifts from the guys to the gals, when you really have a good sexual relationship then sex toys should be for both of you, and those of you with a penis should not be left out, now for our money there is one toy that no man should be without and thats the Fleshlight, these amazing masturbation sleeves have been around for a lot of years, and have truly stood the test of time, and 2017 saw the introduction of the Turbo range and all new Fleshlight experience and the closest thing to an oral sex experience you can get.

Fleshlight Turbo Oral Sex Masturbators

Fleshlight Turbo Oral Sex Masturbators

Of course there is also the Fleshlight Girls range if you prefer something that is anatomically correct and various compact Fleshlights to play with too. so there really is a fleshlight for everyone out there, and these toys are not just for the boys, they can be great fun for couples to play with together too, and of course there is also now Kiroo which allows your to connect your fleshlight toys across the internet, perfect if your apart at Christmas.

Exploring the Back Door.

Now you may or may not have tried anal, you may just be curious about it, or you may be a dedicated anal explorer, but either way anal toys can bring a whole new dimension to your pleasure and that of your partner, there are so many ways to play too, from butt plugs in glass or metal or even vibrating, to strap-ons for a little pegging at bedtime, more and more people are starting to explore the delights of anal play, either together as a couple or on their own.

Unicorn Tail Butt Plug

Rainbow Unicorn Tail Butt Plug, A Little Christmas Cheer through the Back Door.

Of course if you want some thing a little different, then there are some amazing new anal toys around like these silicone Unicorn Tails, which we absolutely adore.

Something Shocking

Now electrics are something that a lot of people look and and instantly rule out, by their very nature people have a whole heap of reservations about trying electro-sex toys, but they are shockingly good (did you see what we did there) and it’s a whole new way to explore pleasure together or on your own.

Electro Sex Toys, Shockingly Good Fun

Electro Sex Toys, Shockingly Good Fun

Yes electrics can be used to induce both pleasure and pain, but there are so many options and ways to play it could take you until Christmas 2018 before you even get close to trying them all, If you are looking to try electro stimulation for the first time, then you can always pop into our store for a talk through the options and full demonstration of some of these amazing E-Stim units.

A Little Slap and Tickle

Slap and Tickle was always a phrase that made me smile, but we know that bondage & bdsm is becoming increasingly popular, and wether it be cuffs and restraints or something a little more hard core, there is nothing like exploring your limits together.

Bondage & BDSM Toys Perfect for Christmas

Bondage & BDSM Toys Perfect for Christmas

A little light bondage can be a great way to explore together and really does not need to involve pain, just the handing over of control to another person is an experience in itself and a great way to learn your partners needs and desires in the bedroom, but be careful as one thing can most definitely lead to another…

And there is so much more to choose from, we have not even had chance to explore our dressing up options, our amazing range of clubwear and fetish wear, or even our range of sexy shoes, but we do hope we have inspired you with a few of the ideas above, and we really really hope that Santa brings you a very sexy Christmas.