Another fantastic lube from Secret Play

I was once again very pleasantly surprised by another lube from Secret Play. After reviewing and loving their Natural Lube, I jumped at the chance to review the Hybrid version when asked to do so by Latex Leather & Lace.

This time I was going into a lube review knowing a little bit about the manufacturer and their products. Let me tell you one thing, it’s all good news, Secret Play produces some pretty impressive lubes, and this one didn’t disappoint.

Secret Play seems to be Spain’s best-kept secret. It is a female run company based in Valencia, and they produce three different lubes. The Natural one that I alluded to earlier is fantastic; they also do an Oceanic Organic lube with Wakame & Nori together with this one, their Hybrid lube containing Olive Oil and Aloe Vera.

I have had problems in the past with lubes irritating, especially ones containing Glycerin in particular. I like to think of myself as having a fussy Foof. These types of lube react badly to my body chemistry causing irritation and sometimes a burning sensation. I am therefore particularly choosy when it comes to my lubes (and I use a lot of the stuff). I usually recommend Sliquid lubes as their range is fantastic but having reviewed two lubes from Secret Play now, I am rethinking my advice strategy.

You see this range by Secret Play is right up there with the Sliquid products in my books. They are body safe and contain no ingredients that react badly with me giving them a big thumbs up.

Up until recently, I had never even heard of Secret Play lubes and that is because they were concentrating on the home market. They have been making lubes since 2006 but focussing on developing as near as you can get to lube perfection before going global with their products.

They are a well respected national brand in Spain and are growing well in France and Portugal. They are now breaking into the UK marketplace with the help of Latex Leather & Lace.

This is just another good reason to shop with Latex Leather & Lace. I have never come across a company more focused on sourcing both ethical and body safe products, and this is an example of their efforts to do just that.

Packaging & Delivery

As usual, I like to mention packaging in my reviews and this product like everything else that I have received from Latex Leather & Lace arrived quickly and under very plain packaging as you would expect.

You can always trust deliveries from Latex, Leather & Lace to be discreet and I love the little flyer that they include with their products. If you ever get the chance to visit them in their Barwell store in Leicestershire, then I urge you to do so. You will get a warm welcome, and their lovely shop is the perfect place to check out the best products on the market. But I digress, so back to the lube review.

Secret Play Hybrid Lube

Secret Play Hybrid Lube

The retail packaging for this lube is lovely, it is made out of recycled cardboard (good for the environment) and features blue and pink hues in the form of a sunset. Very tastefully done by Secret Play. The box has lots of useful product information on it, and I love the fact that on the front it states that the lube is Glycerin and Paraben free. Both of these products are to be avoided at all costs in a lube.

The white 100ml bottle that contains the lube is also recycled and carries a security seal that you need to remove before using the lube, and this shows that it hasn’t been tampered with in any way.

This is the same bottle as used in their Natural lube product and it is perfect for the job. The black lid contains a flip-up nozzle that allows you to quickly dispense just the right amount of lube, so you don’t end up wasting any.

The nozzle then snaps shut, and the bottle doesn’t leak if left on its side overnight.

The 100ml bottle is recycled

The white 100ml bottle is recycled and perfect for the job


There are a lot of misconceptions about Silicone lubes being bad for silicone sex toys which aren’t true if your sex toy is indeed made out of high-quality silicone.

This is a Hybrid lube though, and that is one that is roughly 50/50 water-based lube and silicone lube, both mixed to give you the advantages of each but without any of their disadvantages. This is why I love Hybrid lubes as a little goes a very long way.

This lube is Glycerin free and as Glycerin is in fact just sugar and it means that this lube isn’t going to increase your risk of getting a yeast infection as some cheaper lubes would. Parabens are also not found in this product which is good as they were linked in some studies to health scares.

All of the Secret Play lubes are body-safe and hypo-allergenic, they also don’t test on animals meaning that they are a vegan-friendly option. They have been certified as body safe by an external laboratory (Swiss Bio Inspecta).

The Hybrid lube does contain Aloe Vera which is grown locally to the factory and extracted for this lube. Aloe Vera is a moisturiser and is often found in cosmetics for delicate skin as it soothes and has regenerative properties. It also contains Olive Oil which is a natural lubricant. The silicone and water based lube blend gives this lube a white colouration almost like a bit of cum.

I really like the flip nozzle in the lid as it avoids wastage

I really like the flip nozzle in the lid as it avoids wastage


The consistency is fantastic; if you apply a small amount to a finger, it just sits there in a drop. It is relatively viscous which means it won’t run through your fingers and onto the sheets while you put the bottle away, this makes it easy to apply just where you want and need it the most.

It rubs in very easily though forming a very slippery coating that lasts for a long time before eventually being soaked in. This long-lasting property is why I tend to use hybrid lubes when playing with my Fucking Machines as you need something that will last when enjoying some high-speed fuckery.

The long-lasting nature of this lube means that you use less and that makes it a cheap long lasting lube as 100ml will last you for quite a while.

It is ideal for use with anal sex toys or butt plugs due to its long-lasting nature, and I can highly recommend it for backdoor fun and games as well as general use.

The lube is nice and thick so it doesn't run everywhere

The lube is nice and thick so it doesn’t run everywhere

It is condom safe even when using latex condoms, and you can use it with any sex toy without worrying about it. It is a lube with many positive points and no negatives at all.

It has a taste that isn’t unpleasant, but it isn’t the sort of lube I would recommend as an oral friendly lube. Secret Play does some oral flavour lubes though, and they look interesting. It has a neutral smell, not sweet but not bad either. This is a lube for your genitals and not your taste buds so keep it down there.

I have now used this lube when masturbating with just fingers and also vibrators and dildos. I rate it as an excellent lube, and it is one that I will be continuing to use even after writing this review and from a woman with lots of bottles of lube that is high praise indeed.

Just like the Natural lube, it left my lady bits soft and fresh with no residual stickiness which is something I hate and so it gets a big thumbs up from me in that regards.

All in all, I am very impressed by the Hybrid lube as well as the natural lube from Secret Play. This one though is better for anal and high-speed toy fun as it lasts longer than the Natural Lube.

I am now a convert and will be recommending Secret Play lubes to people as well as Sliquid lubes as they are both of equal quality. Secret Play can take that as a massive compliment as Sliquid lubes rock. The Secret Play Hybrid though really is a great lube especially for sensitive people like myself. I have no hesitation in giving it a solid recommendation from me.

Grab a bottle of Secret Play Hybrid Lube from Latex Leather & Lace for just £16.95