NEWSFLASH: NEW Spanish lube…

Steaming through the doors of the Latex Leather and Lace warehouse, is the new Secret Play selection of lubricants and landing in my lap is the Aloe Vera and Olive Oil one.    The Secret Play lube comes in a 100ml recyclable bottle and cardboard box. Simply boxed and nice to look at, the Aloe Vera and Olive Oil Secret Play lube have a picture of the Northern Lights across a purple and pink sky on both the box and the bottle.  A white bottle with black cap and a small square printed pretty label.


This lube sings natural too you.  Almost like it’s rushed straight from nature into the bottle and sure enough, it’s suitable for vegans. It’s free from animal testing and contains no Parabens, Glycerine, Gluten, or Sugar with organic friendly ingredients and is certified by Swiss Bio Inspecta which is a quality and assurance regulator on the use of the term ‘organic’.

This lube is body friendly and takes care of the one you love and the planet that you live on.   This lube is a hybrid water-based lube with aloe vera and olive oil and so is a perfect concoction for if you want it to last a little longer and perhaps try it anally too.   It’s condom safe and sex toy safe although I’d only suggest using this with silicone toys because you might ruin them.  

The ingredients are only present on the box, once you chuck the box you won’t know what’s inside it –  that said, there is nothing to be worried about with this lube because as long as your partner isn’t allergic to aloe vera or olive oil, you should be good to go!

Taste and Smell

The taste of this lube leaves a lot to be desired.  It’s not very nice at all but then who else but my good self would try putting it in on my tongue? I took one for the team because I’m a heavy believer that lube gets *everywhere* including in the mouth, so you really need to know what you’re buying into.   If you’re not a massive oral giver or happy to apply this post oral, then you’ll be doing just fine but I don’t advise it to be used anywhere near the mouth.

As soon as you squeeze the lube out of the push cap bottle, you can smell the aloe vera instantly.  It’s a refreshing natural smell and is by no means offputting, on the upside, at least you can smell it because you won’t forget it’s not good to lick as it’s the kind smell that you think, wow, that smells lovely … like flowers but not something that is sweet and edible.

Viscosity and in use

This lube is incredibly thick.  On your hand, it’s a white lube and rubs in clear.  It’s perfect for use in both PiV and also Anal as it stays where you put it without needing to move quickly. I lifted my hand and it stayed with only slight slippage. It hung around and I had to rub it in for some time for it to completely disappear.

Whilst using, I didn’t need to top up, a small amount went a long way which will help with the cost side of things. I had no adverse reactions and my foof was left soft and happy!

Clean Up

Clean up is easy. No greasy feeling. No stickiness or residue  – easy peasy lemon squeezy. It leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh, I’m almost tempted to put it on my new tattoo as a moisturiser!


Naturally (heh) this is quite expensive for 100ml at £16.95 however, you pay for quality, not quantity.  Latex Leather and Lace have been scouring the planet for a decent lube to stock on their shelves and so this lube is from Spain which might explain the cost associated with it however,  I highly advise that if you are concerned about anything ingredients wise, that you invest in this lube as you can say goodbye to any worries.  You can see the whole selection of Secret Play lubes here as it comes in two other varieties.

This lube gets a DivaFoof 9/10 – the only reason it doesn’t get a 10/10 is because of the taste.

9 - DivaFoof Wax Seal