I have to say that I’m not a massive rabbit fan but this is because the ears do nothing for me and almost seem a distraction when in use but when Satisfyer gave me the opportunity to try out one of their rabbits which boasted the much-beloved air pulse suction, I was over the moon and happily accepted the opportunity.


The Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit arrived in discreet packaging alongside its other playmates and I was quick to whip them out and stick them on charge.  It’s always recommended to charge toys before use so that you don’t ruin the rechargeable battery before you’ve got going, no matter how tempted it might seem. The charger is a USB end and attaches via a magnetic connection.

The Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit is made of beautiful white silicone and on inspecting the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit, the measurements came in at 9 inches for total length, which makes it quite a long toy but you can only insert 4.5 inches of that and the clit arm is tiny at 2 inches.  The air pulse suction within the clit arm has a 1.5cm wide nozzle.

On the handle, there is a rose gold accent button that provides the action.  The rose gold oval is the button for turning on the vibrator into the shaft and the inner white oval is for the control of the air pulse suction.  The suction can be controlled up and down but the vibration of the shaft goes up in circulations moving through the 11 settings including solid vibrations and staccato patterns.

In Use

On turning the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit on to test, I discovered it was much quieter than it’s previous editions especially once the seal was made.   It doesn’t come with a storage bag and since it’s fully silicone, the item picks up fluff and the like really easily and so will need a wipe down before use. The silicone is quite draggy and so I felt I needed lube for insertion.

Turning the shaft on was very pleasant, I lined it up for what I thought was going to be a perfect fit and turn the air pulse suction on and then my heart sank….

The clit arm is rigid, you cannot move it at all and as such since my body is not suited to one size fits all, the Satisfyer G Spot Rabbit does not suit me.  With some several shifting about I can get an orgasm but it quite frankly is one of the most frustrating wanks to date.

Clean Up

Clean up is easy since it’s fully silicone and fully waterpoof. I use baby wipes probably a little more than I should but you can use soap and water like anyone else.

New Toys

Satisfyer appear to be pouring out lots of models of new toys using their state of the art air pulse suction in a multitude of ways and it’s great that they are able to do this but I find myself going back to my trust old Satisfyer Pro 2 Rose Gold model as how can you improve on such perfection?   The one toy I am looking forward to is my our penis owning friends getting the opportunity to try the air pulse suction with the new mens product coming out – how very exciting!


For me this toy hasn’t been used since testing and it makes me feel all the sads,  the clit arm is just so rigid,  it became frustrating to use and I’ve since cast it to the back of my sex cupboard. I just hope that one day Satisfyer improve on the model and make the clit arm a little longer and way more flexible and I’ll be at the front of the queue ready to hear all about it.

Sorry Satisfyer G Spot Rabbit, you just weren’t for me however, if you have a more standard fit body and those products that say ‘one size fits all’, then you may wish to try this toy out and be completely surprised and wondering what I’m talking about but in any case this toy gets a DivaFoof 4/10.

If this is something that you are interested in, you can buy it from Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit Vibe here.

4 - DivaFoof Wax Seal