I was lucky enough to receive the Rouge Garments black and blue padded lockable leather wrist cuffs in a goodie bag supplied by Latex Leather and Lace at June’s Lube and a Laptop blogger event. This in no way effects my opinion of the cuffs which will always be my own, slightly perverted, thoughts.

Rouge like my nails, happy coincidence

Rouge like my nails, happy coincidence

Shamefully this review has taken over 4 months to write and for that I apologise profusely to both LLL and Rouge Garments. Sometimes life really does get in the way.

Black & Blue Leather Bondage Wrist Cuffs from Rouge

I’ve never tried leather cuffs before though I do have cheaper PU versions which I’ve always loved. Being restrained is one of my favourite ways to play and always helps to set the scene for me.

I’m normally a very pink, fluffy, little sub but something about the Rouge Garments black and blue padded lockable leather wrist cuffs really appealed to me aesthetically. They look industrial and seriously well built; so many of my bondage and impact toys are quite girly so I loved that they could easily be used on me or a partner if we chose to switch.

The cuffs themselves may be well built but the interlocking chain wasn’t. I managed to snap this during a playful demo of the cuffs so I doubt it would have held up well during rough play. Luckily I have carabiners and hog ties and various other restraints which I have been able to attach the cuffs to using the D rings, the rings adding a lot more versatility than the short chain did.

Interlocking Chain & D-Rings, Chain not a sturdy as it should be

Interlocking Chain & D-Rings

The leather cuffs are extremely padded and whilst this adds to their luxury feel I didn’t find this is a benefit while they are in use. I like a bit of bite when I pull against my restraints but the Rouge Garments cuffs felt like a pillow against my wrists.

Pillow Soft Bondage Cuffs

Pillow Soft Bondage Cuffs

Also, I have quite large wrists and hands for a girl but despite the lockable cuffs being fully adjustable I found I couldn’t quite get them tight enough due to the amount of padding. Even when a partner fastened them for me I was able to slip my hands right out if I wiggled enough, and I’m a disobedient sub, I wiggle a lot!

They faired much better on a male partner with much bigger wrists and hands than me and for that reason alone, as much as I hate to gender bondage items, I think these cuffs are better suited to him.

The cuffs are so large I can actually get them around my ankles on the largest setting and for me this is where the Rouge Garments black and blue padded lockable leather wrist cuffs came into their own. No amount of wriggling will get me out of these and the padding adds a comfort level I’ve never experienced with cheaper cuffs. I can keep these on for hours without any discomfort or chafing (well to my ankles anyway)!

Worked Better as Ankle Cuffs

Ankle cuffs?

Overall I would still highly recommend the Rouge Garments black and blue padded lockable leather wrist cuffs, they are gorgeous and very versatile but if you have petite wrists they may be more suitable as ankle cuffs.