It’s taken me a while to get around to writing about this item as I’ve tried to find some good things to say about it but I’ve found this incredibly difficult as Rocks Off is quite frankly an awesome brand, I just feel this is somewhat behind on the times.

The Rocks Off Love Egg comes in 2 parts. The remote and the Love Egg, pretty straightforward you’d think.  Except, it’s battery run and that’s where it went downhill but we’ll come to that shortly. The Love Egg is made of body safe silicone and has a loop for pulling it out. It’s in a purple colour that I loved and is extremely soft to touch. The remote is made of ABS plastic and since you’re not going to be putting it inside of you, it’s perfectly okay to be skin safe only (not to be inserted) but I would warn you that if you use the remote on you as it too is an inbuilt vibrator, that you clean it carefully with appropriate products and check it for any signs of wear and tear over time.

More about the remote; the remote is curved to fit along the line of being on the vulva for clitoral stimulation or to fit nicely in the palm of the hands.   It has 2 buttons on it, 1 which is bigger than the others. The bigger button is for controlling the vibrations of the remote of which the vibrations are terrible.   In both the remote and the egg, there are 10 vibration modes there is 4 constant vibrations and 6 are patterned.  The patterned vibrations remind me of a mobile phone that’s constantly ringing.  You couldn’t be secret about wearing this toy or having the power in your lovers hands because the remote click is loud and the vibrations are loud. The remote is huge at 4 inches long and curved to sit in the pocket of someone, would be uncomfortable.  Not to mention the fact that the remote is bright pink.

Tip to tip of the rocks off love egg to the end of the string is 7inches long which means the wire will happily hang out like a tampon except it’s somewhat thicker than a tampon string however, the string is sturdy and have no worries about it coming away. The love egg itself is 3 inches long and it’s girth is 5 inches at it’s thickest.  Application is easy with a bit of lube and the egg does stay in however, as discussed above it’s so bloody noisy.

There is no storage bag that comes with this love egg, which is probably one of the most frustrating things about this toy, because I had to find myself a little bag because if you left the batteries in the device they would drain straight away. By the time you came to use it again, it would be dead as a dodo. So in order to then have a wank, you’d need more batteries and then have to sit and put the batteries in before you can even consider getting to use the toy.  Not to mention these batteries are not batteries that you will find easily as it’s an E90.   When I visited the SH Women Store I learn that these batteries are only good for 2 things, Hearing Aids and Sex Toys.  Jolly good. So unless you have hearing problems, you’re unlikely to have a spare pair of these batteries hanging around but they also come in pricey at around £5 each which make this toy expensive over time.

Love Egg 1

I wouldn’t recommend this product. It gets a DivaFoof 3/10 however, Rocks off do plenty of other products that come with great recommendations from many bloggers that you can find on the Latex Leather and Lace website here.

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