My previous bullet experience has been mostly with inexpensive shiny little things that run on batteries, so I buzzed at the chance to try out a rechargeable one.

The NuSensuelle remote controlled wireless bullet is not, thankfully, an Internet-connected toy. I have big reservations about these since my day job involves looking very hard at information security settings and privacy policies – and finding most of them quite terrifying. No, in this case the ‘wireless’ aspect refers to the connection directly between the bullet and the controller unit.

What’s in the box bag?

Since it came to me as a review sample, I haven’t seen the official packaging but it looks nice.

In the package were: the bullet, the controller, the charging dock, a USB cable and an instruction leaflet.

The bullet

Made of ABS plastic (body-safe) and measuring 7.5 cm long by 2 cm wide, the bullet is comfortable to handle. The matte surface is a bonus too, especially as my dexterity isn’t great and I’m liable to drop slippery things. Having that extra bit of grip also meant I didn’t have to clutch it hard (which my delicate finger-joints much appreciated).

This little chap packs a helluva buzz – unlike the insectile humming of past-experienced paraphernalia, this baby really throbs. The vibration it kicks out is very impressive for such a small bit of kit, but not so aggressive it shakes the finger-bones to pieces.

The business end is smoothly-rounded, enough to deliver wonderfully clit-specific sensation without posing any danger of accidental stabbings (again, when you’re clumsy, can’t grip well and are prone to misjudging distance, this is a definite bonus).

The bullet has a variety of vibrating patterns – some of which I actually had fun with (usually I find them annoying). Although I’m likely to stick with steady vibration, I did enjoy the ones which followed a rise-and-fall intensity pattern. These were great for teasing myself in the early stages of a wank. Still not keen on the morse code-type patterns though. My favourite setting was number 2 – a strong, steady buzz halfway between the lowest and the highest-intensities the toy can offer.

The unit has a light at the blunt end which flashes blue to tell you it’s active. Ever so slightly offputting when you’re having a nice little mirror-wank, but also helpful for locating the unit in a dark room after a pre-sleep brain-melting orgasm.

The back of the bullet is also an on-off switch so that the power is not used up listening for the remote signal when the device isn’t being used. You know when it’s switched on as the blue light mentioned above blinks.

The remote

The remote control has 2 buttons – one is an on-off function for the remote unit itself (to save on battery power when not in use, presumably) and the other is the controller for the bullet. Pressing and holding this button turns the bullet on or off. Short presses change the vibrating pattern.


The charging apparatus is interesting – unlike many other rechargeables, the NuSensuelle bullet has a dock rather than charging points. You plug the usb cable into a power source then push the bullet down blunt-end-first into the dock until it clicks. The dock then lights up red to show that the unit is charging. When charging is complete, the light turns green. This acts as a handy night light as well as powering the perve paraphernalia back up!

In action

Using the bullet is a joy. I haven’t yet taken it out and about with me, but at some point I’m definitely going to! However the bedroom-only use I have made of it so far is extensive and enjoyable. It’s great for both gradual teasing and for jamming against the clit for a high-speed emergency orgasm. It’s pretty quiet as well (except on the highest-intensity setting), so can be used pretty discreetly.

My favourite way to use the bullet is against my clit, while fucking myself hard with a glass dildo – and with the addition of a nice little buttplug if I really want to treat myself.

I haven’t tested the range of the remote yet but apparently it works up to 20 metres – definitely far enough for some out-and-about fun with The Fella!


10/10 – this unit simply has everything a good sex toy should. It’s reasonably-priced for the high quality, easy to use, gives me screaming orgasms, can be cleaned and stored with minimum effort and doesn’t out me to the rest of the household when I’m having a furtive wank.

I’ve been frigging myself cross-eyed with this little fella since it arrived – it is my favourite item in the collection right now. Trust me, everyone needs one of these little gems. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to go and confirm my findings….just to be sure…..