I’m not a tail fan but I was handed this NS Novelties Rainbow Unicorn Tail Butt Plug, I thought it was pretty. This is basically the perversion of Unicorns at its best.  I mean my baby niece is unicorn mad at the minute and I thought it was cute to buy her a unicorn from Build a Bear factory this Christmas but never had I considered this! I suppose you will literally have the horn if you get the headgear too?!

The butt plug is 100% body safe silicone which is 4 inches long and tapered for easy entry.  At its thickest, it’s 4.5 inches of girth.  The stem goes into 3.5 inches and then has a much thicker end. Since this plug is a tail, there is no concern that you’d lose it inside you, but in any case, the hair part of the tail is attached to a 2-inch diameter round part of the plug.

The hair is 16 inches long when curly and has strands of hair that are red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blueeeeee…(I know you sang this!) – The colours are all bright neon colours and are all strands of full colour, so you get a luscious combination of colours to look at.  The hair is curly and hangs in ringlets.   You can pull the curls apart and make the tail plumper.

Some would say this is a kinky cosplay essential with the rainbow tail being perfect for pride but for me, it was only something you could wear laying down as it was heavy and didn’t stay inside me when trying to walk around, in any case, I didn’t feel sexy wearing it. It just hung between my legs like a flaccid penis but coming out of my arse.  The silicone was a little draggy when entering so more lube was required than a normal metal plug. I kind of feel that the hair is okay but the plug was just all wrong for my liking.

As it’s a silicone butt plug, I recommend using a thick water lubricant rather than a silicone lubricant to avoid any clash and keep your toy in good condition for longer, but in any case feel that this would wash up just fine. The hair is easy to clean polyester and provided you have a clean bottom, it’s unlikely to get dirty but if it does, you can easily wash and dry it.

The hair is made out of the same material as the Fever Wigs that I reviewed here. You can straighten and curl the hair on a low setting as much as you like but remember to check your temperature settings so as not to sizzle it, so don’t fear if you wash it and it’s not like it should be because you can easily style it back again.

Sadly the butt plug didn’t come with a storage bag – my fellow bloggers have said theirs came with a net but it didn’t for me.  Since it’s difficult to get back neatly into the box, I’d suggest you purchase a storage bag to keep it when not in use as otherwise, I can imagine the hair will get matted if left to its own devices.

This tail comes in purple, pink, blue and rainbow. The rainbow version is available for £42.99 which for a decent tail is not a bad price.  You can buy it here. This butt plug gets DivaFoof 6/10.

6 - DivaFoof Wax Seal