Dot dot dot dot dot dot dot … that’s me counting the dots on this top.     I’m a pokadot fan and I love this top. This top review is long overdue, I first received it when I visited Latex Leather and Lace for the first time.  I originally was going to get a spanking skirt but due to them being so popular(!), there is currently a lead time on made to measure sizes being made so I thought I’d write this review anyway.

I’m an avid dresser in 50’s style clothing and when I originally got the offer of having a piece of clothing, I was backing away because I never thought they’d fit me. I’m too big, I’m too tall, It won’t fit, I don’t want to waste your time etc etc I was coming out with all the excuses under the sun and backing away from Anna like she but Anna from Latex Leather and Lace was confident she had something to fit, in fact, a plethora of items given they go up to size 26.

I’m approximately a size 22 and I was used to most European sizes classes me as a 4XL (horrible way to put it but there you go!) and so when I discovered this was the sizing that the clothes went by, I jumped straight towards the 4XL and it fits like a dream (once I’ve contorted myself slightly).

On look at the picture of the model on the label, it was a slim blonde-haired woman wearing the top with a leather skirt and she wore the top with some black nipple covers and nothing else, I opted for trying it with a bra on because no way are my breasts that perky, convinced hers weren’t the real deal (natural).  Doubt I’ll look like her went through my mind but turns out I don’t care. I look great anyway.

I opted to pull together an outfit of a black circle skirt, black vest top, the overlay of this top and fishnets and I could easily wear it outside or you can go for sex, and wear the top by itself with just stockings and suspenders but the top is a little short on me for that. So, wearing with my circle skirt I just tucked it in and you’re non-the-wiser.  I’m a 17 inch neck and so was nicely surprised that it fit just right without trying to strangle me but any bigger neck and I think you’d start to feel the pinch.


The zip is at the back, and so you either need a second person present or get used to contorting yourself slightly as you can’t get it over your head full closed as it’s meant to be close fit on the neck.

There were only a few things that I would like to change about the top and that’s making it longer so that a taller person could wear it without a skirt if you wanted to but also so it came longer on a shorter person. And also, the white label.  There is a washing care label that is sewn into the top, but not just into the top, it’s in the side and it’s within the seam. I had to unpick the seam and resew the seam to get the label out.  It wasn’t good enough just trimming it out, I had to physically take it out because otherwise due to its thin material see through nature you could see the white label sticking out. I’m not the best of seamstresses so it wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

In summary, this top is pretty awesome.  It’s extremely flimsy but then what lace top wouldn’t be?  It’s a flattering look for the small and large breasted person and whether you want to wear it outside or dress it up for an indoors session, that’s your prerogative it’s able to do both.