At the beginning of 2018 Pleaser Shoes made a very slight but also very important change to their platform shoes by supplying their platform shoes with a pre-trimmed outsole on all Pleaser Exotic Dancer Shoes.

This has been implemented as a rolling change so we are only now starting to see the new pre-trimmed shoes coming through the systems and into the hands of Pleaser Shoes lovers everywhere.

Given this is a rolling change it will  take a long time for all the shoes in stock to be slowly converted over to the new design and there will still be untrimmed shoes coming through for a significant time to come.

Check out the video below for an even better at the change to Pleaser’s pole shoes range.

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Why does Pleaser use a Rubber Outsole?

Many shoe makers and brands use a TPR outsole on their dance shoes, which is injection moulded and contains no natural latex, Pleaser Shoes use a rubber outsole which is a significantly more expensive material and more complex to manufacture as each pair is individually cut and trimmed to fit, so why do Pleaser Shoes continue to use this rubber sole.

  • Pleasers Rubber outsole is made of a polymer compound which is both natural and recyclable.
  • The natural rubber sole has much better grip and is much more slip resistance.
  • Greater durability with much more tread and wear resistance.
  • Pleasers rubber outsole is also acid and alkali resistant.

And above all Pleaser is a premium shoe so why wouldn’t they use a premium quality material for their outsoles.

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