I’m a 90’s baby,  and so Love Hearts were the shiz when I was growing up – I still love them now. I just had one them fun-size packets the other day.  So to see this butt plug adorning the shelves of Latex Leather and Lace got me very excited, in both senses of the meaning.  I am seriously impressed with the toys that are coming out of Blush Novelties recently, they are SO good.

The new ‘Naughty Candy Heart’ butt plugs come in a series of different colours and sayings and I had to choose “Do me now” erotic message because it was so totally me.  The Butt Plug has a heart-shaped base that flares out plenty to ensure it won’t slip inside you.   The one I chose was the small version.

The other options come in small and large and adorn sayings such as “Spank Me”, “Fill Me Up”, “Fuck Me” and “Ride Me” – I would have picked the spank me one naturally but I didn’t like the yellow – so I went for the Purple “Do Me Now” – and now I just need them all because why wouldn’t you want to adorn your butt hole which such erotic messages? like HELLO?  I’ve never wanted my butt to look cute before now but this plug screams cute and brings out my inner little.

The butt plugs come in a standard candy heart adorned box which you can see the butt plugs through so there is no question about what you’re getting, there’s no store back but even though it’s a platinum silicone plug, I haven’t had the usual fluff being attached to it this means that I’m not too worried about not having a bag to put it in!  In fairness though, it’s spent hardly any time outside of my butt because I love it so much.

I’d really like them to do more pastel colours in blues and greens because the yellow, pink and purple ones just scream a little girly and since a butt plug is unisex, there’s no reason someone who identifies as a man couldn’t have this cuteness in their butt too. It’s a buttplug for any gender.   To be honest, I just want more erotic messages on butt plugs.  How about “Tease me”, “Yes Master”, “Cum for me”, “Good girl”, “Yes Mistress” etc etc… They’d make such cool erotic messages to have on them and I’d just need to start catching them all.

The small “Do Me Now” purple butt plug is 3.5 inch in length of which 3.25 is insertable. The width is 1.5 inchs.  So yes, it’s a smallish butt plug and would be suitable for beginners but also for just people who like the feel of small plugs.  The satin silky smooth feels of the silicone make this plug delicious to use.

The awesome thing about this plug is that you can wear it out or just in the bedroom. It’s a nice enough plug to wear for a few hours without any discomfort and since it’s nice and smooth, you only need a bit of lube to push it inside you as it has a tapered end that allows for a slowly increased expansion of the butt, it’s nice to put in and take out without any discomfort.

Clean up is super easy and can just wipe or dunk in the water with soap and water- personally, I use baby wipes but you can use toy cleaning spray or wipes too. You need to make sure you clean your anal toys super well so as not to get the bum smell on them! Don’t leave it too late to use.

For £18.99 this plug is an absolute steal,  you can get it’s slightly larger buddy for £21.99 but if you put DIVAFOOF10 into the checkout on the LLL store, it will give you a 10% discount.   This plug is available on the LLL website here.   This butt plug gets a DivaFoof 10/10.

10 - DivaFoof Wax Seal