As I asked Patrick for this lube, he said to me, but you won’t use this it’s got Glycerin in it?  That’s where he was wrong. I do use lube with Glycerin in it for anal.  I’d had experience of this lube before and really enjoyed its thickness and the type of pot it came in.   I do not, however, use it for my foof – I use this lube for butt plugs and anal related activities and yes, the holes are very close but careful is as careful does. I have touch wood, had no problems whatsoever with this lube.
In a tub that is sealed with a one time removal,  this lube comes in a black pot which has 150ml of Pjur Power Premium Cream Lube in it.  Power is written in big letters but other than that, the lube element is discreet and could look like any other product on your shelves such as hair gel or something similar.
Speaking of hair gel and other related products, this lube is white and thick.  I do love that it is odourless.  It looks and feels like a great lube, the quality in the tub just looks like you want to get started straight away.  In a world where most lubes seem to come in pumps or pouring and it just doesn’t work, this tub does the job for dipping butt plugs and is at 3 inches wide the tub, possible to dip a penis condom covered or not into although if you have multiple partners, maybe not? A risk you should consider. Also, clean toys only folks if you want this tub to last.
I should say that if you’re a clutz and flail your arms in various directions – this tub may not be for you.  It will when you swipe it off your cabinet open, look like king kong has spunked up your wall and over your carpets.  Good thing it’s so thick because it was easy to wipe but even I found a bit that had escaped my view 12 hours later just chilling on my bed head. Firstly ew, secondly Oh ffs. Mood killer however this is not the tubs fault – it’s just something to consider that when you’re done dipping. Close the bloody lid and make sure it’s not on the edge of the cabinet.
Scooping lube from a tub with your fingers can be a faff and you may get it everywhere but in fairness, sex is a messy topic. Deal with it.  The thing about the tub is that you can get every last drop from the tub and get your moneys worth which with some pump mechanisms, you find yourself annoyed that there is still lashings of lube stuck in the pot that you can’t get to and if you’re anyone like Molly from MollysDailyKiss, you’ll be attacking the bottle to get your stuff out.  So in this case, I’m a huge fan of the tub like nature.
This lube is suitable for latex and condoms, The thing to note about this lube is that it is a hybrid lube which means it contains both water and silicone.  A small amount of silicone I might add.  I’ve used it on many silicone toys and had no problem but always exercise care not to ruin your silicone toys with silicone lube.
As I said at the beginning of this post, I don’t like using these lubes for vaginal use, however, I have taken one for the team and tried it out. I don’t have a massive sensitive PH Balance but I have had thrush from reallllly bad lubes before now and this gave me no problems whatsoever, however, if the vulva-owner in your life does, exercise caution and be careful where you put it but knock your socks off for anything anal related.   The lube contains carbomer which is regularly used for dry eye gels and so gives a softening effect when applied. Your buttski will feel amazing.
This lube is long lasting and as previously said is a super thick lube.  It has very little viscosity to it and stays where it is put although it does spread nicely. A lube that stays where you put it is something that you want in anal fun, a lube that runs off and disappears is not good for cushioning and although I once dropped it,  and it looked like a seagull had used my bedroom as a target practice, there was still loads in the tub.
For anal use I cannot fault this lube, it is my favourite and I’m now on my second tub. It’s my go-to lube for dipping toys in for anal use and it’s not the tubs fault that I’m accident prone so I give this lube a DivaFoof 10/10.
Pjur Power Cream Lube is available at £14.99 in the Latex Leather and Lace Online Store, there is also a larger 500ml pot available which is great value.