Let me start this with FRICKING OWCH. I will give two fingers to the devil any day of the week, if he knew how warm my bottom has been since the discovery of this tawse!  The ouchness of this tawse is definitely a huge give away in its name. Devil by name, Devil by nature. This my friend isnot your friend but the masochist in me loves it.  I lay there in the obeying position, on my knees, my hands flat on the floor and my forehead touching the floor as he left me.  I thought to myself…

“Where has he gone?”

and then it hit me.


I yelped as the strong bite of the tawse hit my bottom, three times before I tapped out, as I cried and flipped over so that my bottom was touching the floor. I gave him the big eyes; I’m not very good at receiving pain in a post orgasmic bliss. However, my lovely sadist, doesn’t actually care what I like or don’t like.  He saw the tawse hanging up in my cupboard and it was his for the taking, I just hadn’t realised he was in that kind of mood.

I have to say though, normally,  it’s me mooching around the Latex Leather and Lace Warehouse looking at all the pretties but this was chosen for me by my friend Jason who I took with me to the Warehouse for a bit of retail therapy.  Patrick asked Jason what item he thought I should review from the bondage collection and Jason’s natural reaction was “What will hurt Jo the most?!” … there was much cackling to be had behind the shelves that I started to feel quite nervous about what he would pick, but to be honest, I’m glad it was chosen for me. It’s a bittersweet vicious butt stinging beast but I love it.

The Oscuro Two Finger Devils Tail Leather Tawse is approximately 20 inches long and 8mm thick.  The handle is 6 inches long and there are 2 piece of leather which have a 10 inch split, the width of the fingers are an inch each and at the end it tapers out to 2 inches each, to give that added bite on contact.   As it’s real leather, it’s a nice weight to hold in your hand and when flailing it through the air, it comes with an awesome sound. The feel I would say is more thuddy with a bite than a twang.  It does mean that for my vegan loving friends, this piece of bondage kit is not for you but you should check out other parts of the range as there are some vegan friendly items hanging around.

The Oscuro Two Finger Devils Tail Leather Tawse is fully black but has a quality and classy contrasting red stitching. It’s shaping at the end provides that extra bit of sting. The handle is a reinforced ergonomic leather handle with wrist strap, which also doubles up as a great way to hang it in a cupboard or on the side so as to keep it’s straight length.  This bad boy is not a flimsy piece of leather. The thickness and the length (hurr hurrr) as stated above is not one to be underestimated.

You can buy The Oscuro Two Finger Devils Tail Leather Tawse here for £36.99 which for the quality of this tawse, I think is a great price!

Overall this Tawse gets a DivaFoof 10/10 as I literally couldn’t think of any downside to the lushness of this bondage toy.