This stunning flogger will both intimidate and delight

Floggers are one of the staple pieces of BDSM equipment and will often be one of the first pieces of equipment in anyone’s kinky collection. This flogger definitely stands out from the crowd and I am sure that you can see why.

Its black barbed wire fronds look very intimidating and ready to draw blood from the backside of any waiting submissive when it’s swung.

It was definitely a product that I couldn’t wait to get my teeth into when it arrived and I knew that my backside was going to be in for some serious attention.

This flogger arrives under plain packaging quickly with no fuss at all. The team at Latex, Leather and Lace did a good job of keeping me informed of the orders process.

It arrives neatly sealed inside a plastic wrapper that keeps the fronds from being tangled in transit. This no-frills packaging also helps to keep the cost down.

Oscuro Barbed Wire & Leather Flogger Packed

Oscuro Barbed Wire & Leather Flogger Packed

This was my first introduction to the Oscuro range and I’m very impressed by both the materials used and the quality of its construction. The combination of red and black just work so well together and conjure up all sort of lurid thoughts in my head. Red and black is a classic combination in BDSM equipment and this flogger ticks so many boxes for me. The colouration and quality are second to none.

Both the leather and suede burst with vibrant colour and the red just looks so good next to the dark black leather. This mouth-watering combination burst with vibrant energy with the red contrasting so sharply against the black.

The handle is  8.7″/22cm long and features a tightly woven leather loop that is used to hang the flogger when not in use. This storage method is recommended as it will keep the flogger from getting tangled. The woven leather creates red and black stripes around its periphery. I think that a larger loop would have been better as a top could wear it around his or her wrist as a safety loop.

Wooden Handle with Leather Wrapping

Wooden Handle with Leather Wrapping

The handle which is made of wood has two ridged areas at each end giving it an almost bum-bell look. These raised portions are coated in woven strips of black leather and they make a nice boundary between the handle and the fronds. The handle itself has strips of red and black leather woven together. These look divine but also provide a lot of grip as well allowing you to swing this flogger with confidence.

The business end of the flogger features red suede fronds that are 20.5″/52cm long making this a very nice sized full-length flogger. It is also available in a shorter model on the Latex, Leather & Lace website. The barbed wire fronds around its edges look very intimidating.

This menacing look is contrasted with its beauty, yes it’s a bit weird but this flogger just looks so good. You just have to touch and feel it to savour its beauty. The suede is coated with tiny bits of suede which will all eventually fall off. They are an unavoidable remnant of the manufacturing process and you can see some of them in the pictures accompanying this review.

Menacing Looking Barbed Wire & Leather Flogger

Menacing Looking Barbed Wire & Leather Flogger

The barbed wire fronds which are the focus of this flogger are made out of soft pliable plastic. This material is similar to the one used by kids a few years back to make ‘Scoobies’ (google it). It’s both soft and pliable and this means that the barbed wire has some give in it and yields when it strikes you, preventing injury. They do look very real though as I am sure that you will agree.

This flogger will cause any submissive to take a sharp intake of breath when they see it being removed from a kit bag by their dominant. When I first laid eyes on it I was both scared and aroused by it.

It cannot be stressed enough just how good this thing looks in person. The materials and design give it a chilling look that is exactly what the designers were looking for I believe. But is it any good I hear you ask?

A Great Looking Flogger

A Great Looking Flogger

I have been on the receiving end of it many times now and I can firmly answer that question with a resounding yes. It looks amazing and also works very well indeed. I’m sat here on a rather red and sore backside that will attest to this.

The suede fronds provide a nice thud when they strike you and this gives a nice throbbing sensation when it is used in the same area a few times. The barbed wire fronds though give you a very nice sting as they hit home.

The two sensations combine to give you an amazing sensation. The barbed wire fronds leave little red marks on your skin but they do not pierce it making it a safe piece of play equipment.

My backside positively glows after a period of use with it and just the thought of using it again makes me smile and squirm in my seat.

I love trying to identify a flogger when blindfolded by having it dragged over my bareback. Each of my floggers feels very different and this one stands out due to the scratchy barbed wire.

I love the sensations that it delivers, used lightly you can hardly notice the barbed wire fronds. However, when it’s swung deliberately they are most definitely noticeable.

This flogger now has pride of place in my collection, knocking a Kink Craft flogger off the top spot. It really is a stunning and capable flogger that is a pleasure to be flogged with.

This Flogger gets Pride of Place

This Flogger gets Pride of Place

Key features:

Quality construction and materials

Soft suede together with harder plastic barbed wire fronds

Great colour combination

Good grip on the handle

Designed to intimidate and also to pleasure

Final Thoughts

The Oscuro Barbed Wire & Suede Leather Flogger is now a favourite of mine. It looks stunning and at only £34.99 it is remarkable value for money as it is very well built. It delivers nice stinging and thudding blows that quickly send me into sub-space. I am delighted with it and can strongly recommend it to anyone looking for an attractive and capable flogger.

I look forward to adding other Oscuro floggers to my collection as if they are half as much fun as this one I will be on to a winner. I prefer to be on the receiving end of floggers, but my partner is also enamoured with it. He says that it is a very well-balanced flogger that is easy to use and accurately bring into play. I have no hesitation in giving it a strong recommendation. I love it.

I was sent the Oscuro Barbed Wire & Suede Leather Flogger by the lovely team at Latex, Leather & Lace and I’d like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to review it for them.