I bloody love unicorns. The pink, the glitter, the sparkles. Everything about them appeals to the girly girl and little in me. I have a slightly ridiculous number of unicorn stuffies and accessories for a 32 year old woman but I love them!

Patrick of LLL caught me lusting after some cute little bunny tail plugs at the opening of their new retail unit in Hinkley. The plugs were all a little small for me though so I asked if they stocked any that were a little bigger. My little heart sang at Patrick’s response.

He’d just taken delivery of three NS Novelties Unicorn Tail and needed some reviews. *Swoon*

I jumped on the pink one immediately; other than dipping it in glitter it couldn’t be more me. Silky soft silicone, body safe, bright pink and with long luscious unicorn curls.

I actually squealed when I first took it from the packaging. The NS Novelties Unicorn Tail is beautiful.

I’m an experienced anal player but still needed a little warming up before using the NS Novelties Unicorn Tail for the first time. It’s definitely not the biggest plug I own at 4 inches but the matte silicone is a little draggy so I added a dollop of my favourite water based lube before inserting.

Pretty and petite

Although the silicone has quite a bit of squish, the round base was a little too rigid for me to enjoy wearing it long term if I was sitting/walking around so unfortunately this isn’t a plug I’ve worn outside of the bedroom.

The size difference between the bulb and the neck of the plug is quite small so during orgasm I did struggle to keep the NS Novelties Unicorn Tail in place. The base is plenty wide enough to prevent any travel but I would have preferred a slightly narrower stem to help keep the plug in position during play.

As the plug is silicone, clean up is easy with soap and water or toy cleaner but the tail itself does seem to get a bit knotted during play and can collect lube etc. A tip from my sister from caring for my niece’s My Little Ponies (sorry, not sorry) for keeping their tails tangle free and luscious is to spray them with a mixture of water and fabric softener then comb through. I have tried this after first cleaning gently with hot soapy water and leaving the tail to dry and it works perfectly.

There is also a net included in the packaging, I’d definitely recommend keeping this to store the plug in when it’s not in use to avoid tangling and matting the tail.

I’m not a fan of pet play but this plug really appealled to me. I love wiggling my bum and feeling the tail swish between my legs and against my labia. This plug is now a firm favourite in my toy box.

Thank you so much to Latex, Leather and Lace for allowing me to test the NS Novelties Unicorn Tail in exchange for my open and honest review.