A brave plan from a few local Leicestershire Fetlife members paid off this last bank holiday with the ‘Leicester Fetish Affair’ event being run at Club29 in Leicester for the first and hopefully not the last time.

Was started out as a whimsical idea from a few key Leicestershire Fetlife members turned into a great day out for the fetish & bondage community in Leicester and we were both proud and privileged to be there and to support the Fetlife Leicester Bondage group in this great event.

Club29 Swingers Club in New Bond Street Leicester

The venue for the ‘Leicester Fetish Affair’ was Club29 in New Bond Street in Leicester City Centre, this club whilst not particularly well know is a great little venue, originally a gay sauna Club29 is now predominantly a swingers club and described on their own website as an ‘alternative sauna’ rather than gay. But more importantly its a nice a nice little venue for Leicester based swingers to have a little fun, certainly this club is not on the same scale as Xtasia or Liberty Elite but don’t let that put you off visiting.

As it worked out the bulk of the ‘Leicester Fetish Affair’ event was actually held in the mostly empty ‘gentlemen’s club’ next door, although Club29’s main facilities were in use during the day.

Fetlife in Leicester

Fetilife has a good strong group in Leicester with regular munches and meet ups, something we really must as a local business start making a-lot more of an effort to attend.

The strength of the Leicester following was certainly shown on the day with around a hundred people turning out during the course of the day to meet up, browse around, watch the various demo’s and of course shop.

Fetish Demos at Club29’s Leicester Fetish Affair

There were a number of demonstrations during the course of the day including an Electrics demo by Kamanth that saw sparks flying in all directions, a CBT and Geni torture demo by CBT UK which saw a good number of the male attendees heading outside for a well timed cigarette or two, this was followed by the ever wonderful LadySelena’s Caning demo and a flogging demon by Bondatrix.

Last but not least was a needles and staples demo by Ananke & Mr Loc, but sadly i was otherwise engaged and didn’t get to see this one.

But with a full program of demos throughout the day there way plenty on to keep people entertained and interested during the day.

Bondage & Fetish Traders in Leicester

Knowing this was the first event, and having checked out the venue on Saturday morning we knew what space we had to work with so we knew we could do something a little special, so the mannequins were our and dressed from head to toe in some of our favourite bondage & bdsm kit from the Oscuro Leather range, and so even before we left the office we were getting into the swing of things.

Bondage Sensory Deprivation Mask from Oscuro Leather

Bondage Sensory Deprivation Mask from Oscuro Leather

We were joined for the day by a number of other local traders, each with their own unique niche and each bringing something different to the day.

Leicesters very own Bondatrix

Its always good to see Bondatrix at events, she is a regular at The Biirmingham Bizarre Bazaar, London Alternative Market and many other events, and brings a wealth of experience on her sewing machine to bear on everything she makes, from floggers and cuffs to some fabulous clothing, Bondatrix really does make some lovely gear.

Painful Pleasure from Rugeley

Another trader doing an amazing job at the ‘Leicester Fetish Affair’ was Painful Pleasure from Rugely, not a trader we have bumped into before at other shows but their selection of electrics and handmade bondage gear is definitely worth a mention.

And there were of course a few more, but on a busy day like this one, it’s hard to get round and talk to everyone.

Our own stand of course was a little different to that which we normally bring out to shows, both with it being a local event and with knowledge of the other traders that would be attending we tried to bring out a representative range of everything we do, which is seriously hard, when you look at our warehouse and then try and cram that into 3 meters by 1.5 meters.

A Great day for Fetlife Members in Leicestershire

All in all the ‘Leicester Fetish Affair’ event at Club29 was a great success, and for a first event it was more than anyone could have expected, we would like to offer our heart felt congratulations to LeicestersBondage and his crew who put the day together, and of course our heartfelt thanks to Club29 for hosting us all for the day.

Fingers crossed we can all get our heads together and organise something equally good for next time, or maybe even something to add to the calendar as a regular Leicestershire event.