The first International Fetish Day was celebrated on the 21st of January 2008 but this was a UK event and this was  overtaken a year later by International Fetish Day which was first held on the 16th of January 2009 and has been celebrated by Fetishists and Perverts the world over by wearing something purple on the 16th of January each year since.

Ronnie Campbell MP was the first high profile figure to support the Perverts wear Purple Campaign even if it was inadvertently when he apparently thought “a fetish was a worry, like worrying about backing the right horse” an understandable mistake i’m sure you’ll agree.

International Fetish Day

To celebrate International Fetish Day and the Perverts Wear Purple campaign we have created our own little campaign and will be ensuring we do whatever we can to support this day each year, why not share the image below around and show people your supporting International Fetish Day too.

Perverts Wear Purple

If you want to show your support yet remain “Vanilla” and incognito then Perverts Wear Purple is for you, by wearing something purple about your person for the day you can show your support for International Fetish Day but you will only be recognised by those in the know.

Coquette Darque Underwired Wet Look Tank Top Purple

Coquette Darque Underwired Wet Look Tank Top Purple

Your support for Perverts Wear Purple doesn’t need to be as obvious as the one above it could be a purple shirt or dress or even something as simple as a tie or a head band, or hey it could even be your bondage restraints and ball gag, but probably not such a good idea if your off to the office for a day of meetings.

Fetish Fantasy Purple Pleasure Bondage Set

Fetish Fantasy Purple Pleasure Bondage Set

So have your decided yet what little bit of purple your going to wear to show your support, or have you spotted someone else at work wearing something purple today? Hey it could be the start of something wonderful, it’s certainly a great way to confirm your suspicions about that certain person in the office, that might have raised an eyebrow or suspicion on occasion.

Ronnie Campbell MP

One person who did publicly give his support to International Fetish Day and the Perverts Wear Purple campaign was Ronnie Campbell MP, Labour MP for Blyth Valley Ronnie apparently misunderstood the word fetish and claimed he was unaware of the “Perverts Wear Purple” slogan when he gave his support.

International Fetish Day in the News

The Sunday Sun newspaper picked up on this and Ronnie’s secretary confirmed to the Sunday Sun that he would be supporting the day, however this was soon retracted with Ronnie Campbell stating “I thought a fetish was a worry, like worrying about backing the right horse.” an easy enough mistake to make lol.

Needless to say the papers had a field day, and Ronnie was left more red faced than wearing purple.

However this article in The Guardian was actually relatively supportive claiming “It’s not just about whips and leather – International Fetish Day is something we can all celebrate, almost everyone has a fetish after all” now whilst not normally a fan of The Guardian it is good to see a little support in the national press for the BDSM and Fetish communities.

So how will you celebrate the day. Will you be wearing purple?