I’m a lucky reviewer,  it’s not often you get the opportunity to review special edition products but not just this, 2 of them.


Riding through my letterbox in plain packaging was 2 of Godemiche’s Be My Valentines Anal-B plugs, one in small and one in large in two colours; Purple and Blue.  They both shine out from the sleek silver backed packaging that fits snug around the product to avoid waste.  I quite frankly love the Godemiche packaging so much that I used the packaging that came with my Adam 8inch Dildo to store all of my vibrator charging wires.

Be My Valentine Range

Godemiche’s Be My Valentines Collection is on offer for a limited time – all year around they offer their Red version of the Adam but this time, they’ve branched out and offered various colours to pick from including Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue, and Yellow.

The range’s design is based on it being a clear see through with floating hearts that are suspended throughout the product.  The see-through silicone has glitter sparking through it; it’s not quite transparent, I would describe it as a being ‘cloudy’ … the glitter within the cloudy white colour is incredibly difficult to photograph but it also follows into the base of the plug which is a solid colour.  As butt plugs go, these are stunning colours and I love the hearts! You can never be disappointed with a Godemiche product – the love that goes into these products is just fantastic. The finishing of the flared based isn’t perfect but this is where it’s removed from the mould, however, there is a cute little G for Godemiche pressed into the front of the base of all of their products.

I was trying to work out how they got the design of the heart into the products and discovered from a photo on their website that the silicone hearts are made first and then dropped into the cloudy mixture afterwards which means that every heart will go in a different place on each product and so no two products are exactly the same even when they are the same colour.  An example here is that my blue large butt plug; there are 4 blue hearts within it but they are mostly clumped together and floating nearer to the stem rather than pushed further down into the plug; this is a shame aesthetically wise but everyone’s are different and it shows what it takes to be an artist. My purple small one, has two suspended love hearts one is floating within the plug and it just looks so CUTE! I’m in awe. Or dare I say it; in LOVE!

Another thing I love about the Godemiche Butt Plugs is that the flared end is rectangular. I see so many butt plugs in which they are a round base and I think to myself that anyone who has just placed a spherical object up their bottom is relying on the stem being long enough to not allow the round base to move inside them – this has happened to be once before – So the fact that the flared base is very much a different shape to the item that you placed inside you gives me a lot of comfort (and pleasure hur hur hur) – More over, a round flared base ends up parting the cheeks and being uncomfortable for long wear, whereas the Godemiche one sits nicely between the cheeks.

In terms of measurements:


The small is 3inch in length, of which 2.5inch is insertable, the diameter of the plug is 3.5.  It has a nice flared based which means it won’t be disappearing up your bottom anytime soon. The width of the stem is 2.1 inch in diameter and thus there is a marked difference from the bulb. The flared base is 2.1 inch in length.

This butt plug is great for beginners and is easily a toy you can wear out and about without any problem and no further need to re-lube.  If you like a sexy trip to the supermarket with a secret in your bottom, then this plug is for you.  A dab of lube and off you go.

The small Be My Valentine butt plug B can be bought for £15.00 plus £4.80 postage


The large is 4 inches in length, of which 3.5inch is insertable, the diameter of the plug is 5 inches. The width of the stem is 2.5 inch in diameter and again there is is a marked difference from the bulb.  It has a nice flared based of 2.5 inch length and like the small you can be confident that it won’t be disappearing up your bottom anytime soon.

The large was a more challenging and gave a little more stretch when inserting it – for this, I felt I needed a little more lube than I did with the small.  The large dildo was more noticeable when walking about but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I did find myself looking in the mirror thinking ‘can anyone tell I’ve got a butt plug in?” but of course you couldn’t it was just that filled feeling.  The large was more realistic for trying anal sex.

The large Be my Valentine plug B can be bought for £20.00 plus £4.80 postage.

Lube up

The phenomenon of silcone lube on silicone toys is a normal one and we usually advise that you stick to water base as it could ruin the surface of your toy, however, Adam (The co-owner of Godemiche) has said on multiple occasions that he has covered his products in silicone lube and never experienced any problems however, please do make sure you use a good quality silcone lube if you’re going to risk it before messaging to Adam as some lubes are indeed better than others but something like Sliquid Sassy has been quite extensively used with silicone toys by multiple bloggers.

I would suggest that Godemiche has the opportunity to make a Medium size plug and if they fancied going to the extreme, an XL would be really cool.  Selling them in a set of three or four I feel would be snapped up, especially if done in both matching or different colours.

So which plug did I like the best?

Like anything this really comes down to personal preference and whilst I’m not much of a butt slut, I really appreciate the difference in sizes as they have so much bandwidth and use. Getting hold of both meant I could really feel the difference between the two – I don’t know about you but I do find myself looking at toys umming and urring about which is the right size for me because until you get it in you, you’ll never really know. It’s that whole suck it and see method (although if it’s been in your ass, YKINMK!)

In use, I found myself using the small first and achieving a nice satisfying orgasm with a dildo, I chose to push the limits and remove the small and insert the large – and I orgasmed so hard, I got cramp – IT WAS SO GOOD.  Normally it takes a little longer to achieve the second orgasm but this one came so easily thanks to the Godemiche large butt plug.

Both dildos are solid platinum cured silicone, they are matt in texture and very sticky, and so pick up lint when lying around – ideally hang on to the packaging that it comes in to store them in as this will keep them nice and clean but in any case, you can use soap and water and they will clean straight up.

Go Shopping

Latex Leather and Lace do not currently stock Godemiche products and as such you will need to buy one of these directly from Godemiche shop themselves. Where you want one for yourself or for a special person in your life; Godemiche is doing their full range in the Be My Valentines style, so make sure you view everything in their shop in that style, as they are quite frankly BEAUTIFUL and decent price to boot – you can see the prices listed above.

I feel the postage is a little high since the products are not very big, however, the cost of the butt plugs are very reasonable for a hand poured ‘made for you’ sex toy.

If it’s your first time ordering from Godemiche, when you visit their site, you can get a code for 10% off too! What a steal!

Moreover, Godemiche has sent me some extra plugs to give away so keep your eyes peeled for some plugs potentially coming to your computer screen and maybe into your butts during the March 2018.

Both plugs get a 10 out of 10 DivaFoof Rating.

10 - DivaFoof Wax Seal

I received this item directly from Godemiche in return for an open and honest review. LLL kindly support my blogging on their site even when they don’t stock certain suppliers (you can’t stock everyone!), so a great thanks to them you should check out their shop to see what they stock too.