I love my glass sex toys. They look so pretty and they feel so good.
Two are the Supersex Glass Dildo Set by Tracey Cox, one is from Lovehoney’s own range, and the other is an Icicle.

None of this soft, warm silicone cosiness – what I like about glass is also what I like in a Dom/me. Smooth to the touch but with interesting curves. Hard and unyielding so that I have to conform to accommodate. Cold at first, but becoming warmer over time. Tantalising with a feather-light touch or satisfying with hard impact.

On a practical note, they’re also easy to clean and won’t wear out. Which is just as well.

I have a favourite fantasy featuring my glass toys…..

I’m cuffed, spread-eagled to a four-poster bed, by the ankles and wrists. Heavy, stiff cuffs with buckles and taut chains, allowing me no movement. I’m blindfolded, a mask covering my eyes. I can hear her moving close by; her soft breath and the rustling of her clothes.
The clink of glass on glass.
Water pouring into a bowl.

She places something between my breasts. It’s cold, so I gasp – and as my chest rises, the item rolls down towards my throat, striking me on the jaw. It’s heavy and hard, long an curved. I know what this is.
“Bad girl” she growls and pinches my left nipple, hard. “Don’t move, don’t make a sound”. She touches my throbbing nipple with the glass dildo, its cool head soothing, her gentleness reassuring.
“Open your mouth”
I obey and feel the bulbous head of my favourite toy against my tongue. She holds it still as I lick and suck at the flawless glass, feeling it warming in my mouth. She taps my cheek with her other hand. “Enough”.
I was expecting her to slide the now-warmed dildo inside me, was already clenching my cunt muscles in anticipation. I should have known better. The toy she now holds against my clit is shockingly cold. I must not squirm. I must not squeal. I must follow orders and not disappoint her.

I know she is grinning, standing over me and watching me try to contain my reactions. She likes to test my self-control – and likes even more to punish me when the sensations she inflicts on me overcome my ability to stay still and quiet.
She slides the cold dildo inside me, up to the hilt.
I can’t help it, I whimper and tense.
Silence. Perhaps she didn’t notice. I relax.
She crouches down beside me, her lips almost touching my ear. “You know that was naughty, don’t you?”.
“Yes” I whisper, and bite my lower lip. I’m only feigning contrition, I’m sure she can see the hopeful grin twitching at the corner of my mouth.
“I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself” she continues. “You have to hold that dildo right where it is until I tell you to relax. If you let it fall out, you’ll get five strikes with the cane and no orgasms for three days. If you come while it’s inside you, you’ll get nine strikes and nothing allowed in your cunt for a week.”
She stands up. Walks away.

I know I’m not going to be able to keep the heavy toy where it is for long. Along its length are ridges and bobbles teasing my cunt muscles as I clench them to hold it in place, but the longer I squeeze, the more I can feel the blood surging in my groin, my skin flushing, my clit throbbing.
She chuckles and I hear the swish of the cane through the air. She’s taunting me, she knows that one way or another, I’m going to lose this struggle. She’s not going to let me go until I do.
I can feel her eyes on me, in my mind I see her pushing down her jeans and lightly pinching her clit. My naked helplessness makes her as wet as it does me.
Where did the other dildo go? Suddenly, I know, she’s fucking herself with it as she watches me. Thrusting it into herself hard and fast while I fight to keep still-
and suddenly I can’t hold back any longer. The orgasm tears through me; I writhe against my restraints, buck my hips and moan as I grip the hard glass inside me in waves of ecstasy.
Finally, breathing hard and sweat-slicked, I slump back against the sheets.
And the goddamn dildo; slick with my come and no longer clenched in place, falls to the mattress.“Right” she says briskly. “That’s fourteen strikes. And you’re going to regret this by Friday.”

She’s right, but as the sting of the cane’s first stripe blooms across my breasts, it was still worth it.

Icicles Hand Blown Glass Sex Toys

Icicles Hand Blown Glass Sex Toys