We send quiet a few products out to reviewers for testing and we never really know what these tireless sex toy testers will make of them, however what we do like is good honest feedback, and a through product test.

Video Review of the Fun Factory Duke Prostate Stimulator

We recently sent a Fun Factory Duke prostate stimulator over to Just Indecerous as he had been looking to try one out for a while, and he certainly gave it a thorough testing, for what felt like an age we waited patiently while The Duke was put through it’s paces and then at he beginning of last week we see on twitter that the review is complete and nearly ready to go.

We were really excited when the tweet below popped up on Friday and couldn’t wait to see what Just Indecerous thought of the Fun Factory’s Duke Prostate Massager, as it’s a very popular toy.

Video Review Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager

Video Review Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager

So did Fun Factory and The Duke make it into “Ass Nobility” we will let you be the judge as this has to be one of the most thorough product reviews we have ever seen.

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Our favourite quote from the review has to be:

“if your looking at this and wondering, how the hell do i get this up my arse”

Which totally made our day.

You can follow Just Indecerous as he reviews more great sex toys in his own very unique style on his blog, on on any of his Youtube Channel or Via his Twitter Feed.

We really must send him some more toys to play with soon.

If you want to get your hands on a Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager then just give the link below a click, and you can have one of your very own:

Fun Factory Duke Prostate Stimulator.

Of course if you like the look of what Just Indecerous does and think you have what it takes to become a sex toy tester and reviewer, or maybe you already are and you would like to work with us then check out our sex toy testers info page.