Normally I’m a very girly sub with strong little tendencies. The more pink and glitter and sparkles you can throw at me, the happier and subbier I am. But wandering around the new Latex Leather and Lace warehouse, I was instantly drawn to the Fever Lingerie Studded Leatherette Bodystring with panties. I wanted it, and while my little ran and hid in the corner my masochistic sub was drooling.

The leatherette harness is made from 100% Polyurethane and is covered with metal O-rings and studs.

I tested the large bodystring which is designed to fit a UK size 16-18. At the time of my visit I was a size 14-16 but I’m very broad, wearing a 38 bra so opted for the large over the medium (12-14). Across the chest the large should accommodate up to 42 inches but I found it was quite tight and I only managed to wear it on the last setting, if your bra band size is anything over a 38 I don’t think this will fit you. I have lost some weight recently but the back band is still a little snug.

The hip bands on the Fever Lingerie Studded Leatherette Bodystring are slightly loose on me since my weight loss but these still sit flush against my skin, even when I was a little bigger the addition of elastic to the thong meant the hips straps didn’t dig in and accommodated my shape well. I’d say the sizing here is perfect and unless you have very wide hips the bodystring should fit a UK 16-18 easily.

Lengthwise I’m 5’7” and the harness is a perfect length for me, you can adjust the halterneck to make it a little shorter if needed but if you are petite (under 5’4”) I think this bodystring would be too long.

The fit on me was pretty much perfect other than the back banding.

The packaging states “with panties” but these aren’t separate, the bodystring just has a thong section. This was my least favourite part of the harness. It’s made of a see-through mesh material and is just a very narrow strip which covered about a third of my vulva. While the whole Fever Lingerie Studded Leatherette Bodystring is obviously very revealing, I have quite a fleshy vulva and I prefer for it to either be fully exposed or fully covered, the narrow strip cutting down the front didn’t look great to me and left me feeling self-conscious.

Having modelled this for an ex, he certainly did not see the thong section as a drawback but I would have preferred a more all or nothing design.

Getting into the Fever Lingerie Studded Leatherette Bodystring for the first time was confusing and complicated, I couldn’t work out which way around it went or which way was up. There were just so many straps and buckles but once I’d fastened the halterneck it made a lot more sense and I managed to wriggle in. This was in no way sexy so you may want to try it a few times by yourself before you wear it for a partner if you’re going for femme fatale over the Chuckle Brothers!

Once I’d managed to get the Fever Lingerie Studded Leatherette Bodystring on, I felt fantastic. The band under my boobs gave them a subtle lift and framed them perfectly. I love how submissive if made me feel and it really helped me get into a different mindset.

At under £30 the Fever Lingerie Studded Leatherette Bodystring is a bargain. I absolutely love it.