Following on from my Icicles No2 Review, I’ve gone on to try many pieces of glass but none have quite been as extreme as this next review and Extreme it is! This piece of glass is the closest I have to an item that looks like the real deal anatomy as it has balls. Two of them. I try not to pay too much attention to them but they end up being the handle because it’s quite a heavy piece of kit to hold on to, and so they come in handy.

Fetish Fantasy is another arm of the popular brand Pipe Dream and whilst I don’t think too much to the companies morals, some of the things they make are pretty good at and this fits into that category.

The glass dong is nestled into a foam block which is presented in a cardboard box, you can see the product through from the outside and it’s made very clear what the item is.  You might want to hang onto the box for storage or timing disposal in your bin well if you don’t want to have to avoid eye contact with the dustbin men – that said nothing to be ashamed about!

9" Extreme Glass Dong 1

9″ Extreme Glass Dong

The glass ‘dong’ is 9 inches in length, of which 8.5 of it is insertable. Some serious glass since it weighs in at over a kilo. It’s a 2 inch diameter and it could fill even the most experienced player to the brim.  It is quite frankly a giant penis and since it’s glass, it’s extremely hard and unforgiving.  As they say about the designer brand Vera Wang; a Vera Wang doesn’t fit you. You fit Vera Wang and this is the same for the Fetish Fantasy Extreme 9” Glass Dong.   It’s definitely one for lube and can be used in both PiV and Anal sex and is great for learning about your gag reflex.

9" Extreme Glass Dong 2

9″ Extreme Glass Dong

This item is not for the faint-hearted and some would say it looks painful just looking at it and in some respects that’s true. It’s not a kind beast but with some delicious ribbed glass protruding you, it’s enough to bring anyone to an orgasm that you won’t forget others may find it a little too much.

I don’t have 8.5 inches inside me to squeeze this bad boy in, so I do find that it hangs out and if you go too hard, you can bang your cervix into another dimension and end up walking like John Wayne.

Since it is glass, it’s good for any type of lube and I recommend the thicker the better to start with and work your way down. I also advise that this is not the first toy you use as you need a little warming up.  Speaking of warming up, glass is great for temperature play and as such, you can run it under hot water or put it in your freezer.

It really needs a bag for storage which does not come with the item because it’s not the most discreet item.  It’s easy to clean up but you do need to pay extra attention to the ridges and since it’s clear, a good dry and buffing up to make sure you haven’t left any suds behind leave this item sparkling and ready to play all over again.  Naturally, as the item is glass, you should look to handle with care as you wouldn’t want to drop this bad boy on your foot, it would <expletive> hurt!

It’s an expensive piece of glass at £94.99 here but for those who want to push their boundaries, it’s a good piece of kit to get you there.

This item gets a DivaFoof 8/10.

8 - DivaFoof Wax Seal