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DoxyPointment – Doxy 3 Review, The Doxy Isnt for Everyone, Or Is It?

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I acquired a Doxy 3 I was so excited when I managed to acquire a Doxy Number 3 - having seen many many hot porn vids featuring various wands, and hearing/reading others raving about the Doxy, I could hardly wait to get it home and yank my knickers off to test it out. I had

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Substitution frenzy

By |2018-04-30T22:36:27+01:00April 30th, 2018|Categories: Erotica & Fiction|Tags: |

He does it for me I'm still in the grip of substitution frenzy. Lying here in a tangled mess of duvet, sweat, discarded clothing and sex toys; my heart is still beating frantically and a microsecond behind, my clit throbs in almost-unison. Behind my eyelids I can still see the images burned onto my retinas,

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Glass Sex Toys & A Favourite Fantasy

By |2018-04-28T09:08:30+01:00April 16th, 2018|Categories: Erotica & Fiction|Tags: , , |

I love my glass sex toys. They look so pretty and they feel so good. Two are the Supersex Glass Dildo Set by Tracey Cox, one is from Lovehoney's own range, and the other is an Icicle. None of this soft, warm silicone cosiness - what I like about glass is also what I like

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Rose – Kinky Poetic Prose

By |2018-04-28T09:12:02+01:00April 11th, 2018|Categories: Erotica & Fiction|Tags: , , , |

I'm not quite sure whether this is prosaic poetry or poetic prose, but it sums up my kink pretty neatly. Stroke open my petals, strip me of my leaves. Stake me out stem by stem, tie me with twine and wire; train me and restrain me. I am rooted in your desire, I blossom only

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