When we have a big night out, an important meeting, a special social gathering we put a lot of time and attention into what we wear. Yet when it comes down to bedroom play we sometimes forget the fun of preparation and indeed unwrapping.

Dressing for sex can be intimidating, especially if you’re someone who has never indulged in this most enjoyable past-time before. You might feel its contrived or worry you’ll look daft. Fear not, we ALL think this at first. We worry what our partner will think, when in all honesty they are usually too blown away to think at all.

Effort is the best way to keep a relationship fresh and dressing for play makes you feel super sexy as well as allowing you to dip into a little escapism. There are many forms of dressing for sex.

Lingerie L Plates

The most obvious version is of course lingerie. Its hard to escape the seductive nature of lace and satin against your skin. It provokes sensual feelings in even the most reserved of us. If you’re new to this starting small helps.

Selecting a pretty set of bra and knickers can put a spring in your step knowing you have a secret beneath your clothes. Your partner will love seeing this when you get home. If you struggle with body confidence don’t feel like this rules you out. There are lots of flattering, well designed lingerie which covers more skin than you’d expect.

Basques, camis and corsets are all perfect for covering up whilst still looking like a Hollywood starlet. There are many Basque and Corset options which work as shape wear as well. Allowing your waist to shine and enhancing your silhouette. They can add lift and boost to cleavages and visual tricks such as boning, and panelling create hour glass curves from nowhere.

Lace and Satin

Body stockings are another option which are sexy but forgiving for beginners to dressing up. These stretchy all-in ones are usually made of lace and are one-size-fits-all in base and plus size options. My only criticism of body suits is the lack of support. This isn’t great if you have bigger boobs.

Latex Leather and Lace sell a vast range of lingerie from flirty lace to slinky satin in both base and plus size options. Lingerie is a fantastic way to start out your dressing for sex adventure. Once you’ve got this under your belt you may want to experiment with something a little more dramatic.

From the Club to the Bed

Dressing for sex doesn’t have to be limited to the bedroom. There are myriad design options which happily co-exist as both bedroom wear and club wear. Noir Handmade are one such brand. They have a wide range of gorgeous dresses and separates which can be worn out and will almost always result in an early exit home! The see-through fabrics and clingy skirts are super flattering and dramatic. They bring out sides of yourself you perhaps didn’t know were there.

The full-length fish tail gowns bring to mind visions of Game of Thrones, they scream quality both in fabrics used and design and style. Meanwhile if you fancy something with slightly less impact there are a great selection of slinky little wet look or lace dresses. Pink Lipstick is another brand offering super sexy little dresses which can be worn in or out of the bedroom for some exhibitionist fun. Team these with stockings and heels and free your inner sex kitten, both in and out the bedroom.

If clubbing isn’t your thing these stunning outfits can be kept for a special bedroom date night. Although, don’t be surprised if you find they stay on during the fun. Thanks to super easy access via zips, skirts and stretchy fabrics there is no need to disrobe, and why would you want to when you look this good??

Fetish Fun

If fetish is your thing then prepare to indulge yourself in a treat for the senses. Leather outfits evoke primal sensations with the inimitable feeling they have against your skin. The scent and sound of the swish. It’s almost impossible not to have some kind of D/s feelings when wearing leather. For something more gentle PVC is a sexy option and makes a great catsuit.

If you fancy splashing out on something special latex is hard to beat. Latex feels like silk when worn and hugs the body in a way nothing else does. Even the most “normal” of outfits feels kinky when made of latex. There has been a surge of fashion latex recently and it’s becoming far more mainstream. Latex dresses are seen as acceptable outfits for a night out. Given the tactile nature of the material it transfers to the bedroom beautifully. Whilst it might sound daunting latex is a fabulous way to dress for sex. It can cover as little or as much of you as you want and thanks to its second-skin like capability it still looks sexy AF.

It’s almost impossible not to feel sexy wearing latex. Stroking the silky surface over the curves of your body gives you an appreciation of how your partner must feel when touching you. The swish of the longer length outfits feels playful and flirty. Latex skater dresses look great and can be hitched up really easily for some quick action. The other benefit of latex is people tend to avoid wearing underwear beneath it so as not to ruin the lines of the outfit. Once you’re beneath it there’s no stopping the fun!

Playing Pretend

As I mentioned earlier part of the fun of dressing for sex is the escapism. Nowhere is this more evident than within role play. This is something people are often intimidated by but its massive amounts of fun! It’s a safe way to consensually explore different scenes and sides of yourself. Why not treat yourself to the Noir Handmade Acedia Dotted Tulle top and the Black High Waisted Wet Look skirt to become a slutty secretary. Team it with some glasses and prepare to take “dick-tation”.

Fever have a great range of sexy nurses’ outfits if you fancy playing Drs and Nurses. Set your partners pulse racing in the Allure White PVC nurses’ outfit. Who says dressing up is for kids?

The icing on the cake of any of these options is of course the heels. Pleaser Shoes are my favourites for sheer variety of “Bedroom Heels” on offer. I often hear people saying “Oh I couldn’t possibly walk in those but here is the beauty of bedroom heels. You don’t have to! It’s perfectly fine to wear them reclined on the bed, or purely to walk the few feet across the safety of your bedroom!

High heels boost my confidence when I’m dressed up. I feel taller, they make my legs and feet look super sexy and give me added va-va-voom. If I’m role playing I find it easier to be a dominant role in heels, especially being very short in actuality. I can find a heel to fit every role I want to play in the bedroom. From coquettish sex kitten to vampy bad girl.

There is a Pleaser Shoe to fit every taste requirement. From punky, goth Dominatrix style spiked heels to super cute pin up style. I regularly lose myself for hours browsing FM Heels perusing the range of styles on offer. One thing is for certain, the heels always stay on!

Once the initial hurdle of awkwardness is overcome dressing for sex opens up a world of opportunities for play. It can boost your confidence and gives both you and your partner a thrill. Inject a little fun into your sex life and play dress up!