If your lucky enough to get tickets for a Torture Garden event in London, Edinburgh or even one of their International Events, then the last thing you want is to be turned away at the door because you didn’t get your outfit right, and ‘What is the dress code for Torture Garden?’ is one of those questions we get asked over and over again in our Hinckley store by people who are looking to head down to this fantastic event.

So if you want to get it right, and avoid embarrassment at the door and of course the disappointment that comes with being turned away from an event that you might have been planning to attend for months then check out our handy guide, or pop in and see us in store for any advice you need, and our knowledgable staff will be only too happy to help.

Dressing for Torture Garden is  the most important part of this amazing event and the door security are seriously hot on if your outfit is up to the events exceedingly high standards or not, even if you decide to dress at the club rather than travel in your outfit, then they are going to want to see your outfit on the door before allowing you in, so don’t take any chances and check out our handy guide below.

The 1st Rule of Torture Garden is… Make An Effort.

What Torture Garden want to see more than anything is that you have made the effort, you will see people there that put amazing amounts of time and effort into their outfits, so make an effort, ask yourself would I want to be stood next to me in this….

Check out this video from TG’s 2015 Birthday Ball if you want to get more of an idea of what is expected of you.

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So now you’ve got a little more of an idea lets move on to the rules……

The Black List, Whats can’t I wear to Torture Garden?

  • Jeans of any shape size, colour or persuasion are 100% banned, don’t even think about it.
  • Suits, even suits with a hat, just forget it, unless that suit is made from latex or leather it won’t be going through the door.
  • Cotton T-Shirts, please leave these at home right next to your jeans.
  • Sexy Party Dresses, sorry girls but that little black dress you got for the works Christmas party, just isn’t going to cut it at Torture Garden, think to yourself, if it would be fine in your favourite night club then its not going to get you past the doors here.
  • Cotton Underwear, like why would you anyway.
  • Camo Trousers, Black Fabric Trousers, see above…..
  • Meggings, Shiny / Fake looking leggings for men, or women for that matter…. just yuck.
  • Anything that looks cheap and shiny.

Be Different, and check the Event Page.

The 2nd rule of Torture Garden is be different, obviously avoid the black listed items above but above all, be different, be daring, and check the event page for the particular TG event you are attending, as their will be more info and suggestions on the dress code for that particular TG event there.

All Torture Gardens events for London, Edinburgh and their international events are posted on this page.

Can I Wear Latex or Datex to Torture Garden?

Yes of course you can, Latex and or Datex are both 100% accepted and you will see many people wearing some absolutely stunning latex & datex outfits at TG events, the great thing about any latex outfit is that it is relatively easy to customised and make your outfit into something absolutely bespoke, or come and see us in out Hinckley store to look at some of the off the peg and custom made options we can offer you, in both Latex & Datex.

And of course don’t forget that Torture Garden also have their own Latex Fetish Clothing available online too, you can check out the site here.

Is PVC allowed at Torture Garden?

Yes, Yes and Yes, for those that suffer with Latex allergies or those that just prefer it then PVC is a great choice, there is loads of good quality PVC on the market and you can go for all natural PVC with no lining, or the more common lined variety which is easier to wear, and again you can easily customise your PVC to make an amazing fetish outfit for your night at TG.

What about Leather?

Of course leather is also acceptable, and could be worn as a complete outfit or to accessories your latex or PVC, just remember leather can be extremely hot to wear, so unless you are looking to lose weight we wouldn’t recommend an all in one….

Wetlook If You Must.

Ok, so wet look is a contentious point at TG, the rule here is don’t go cheap, cheap wet look wont get you through the door, so if you want to wear synthetic wet look and stand a chance of getting in the checkout out Noir Handmade’s fetish fashion collection, their Power Wet Look and Eco Leather garments from their latest collections for both men and women, both high quality and different, and certainly don’t have that look that cheap wet look tends to have. We have been assured by many people that the Noir Handmade range is perfectly acceptable for TG events so this is a great alternative to PVC or Latex etc, especially if your on a bit of a budget.

Accessorise the hell out of it….

One great way to make your off the peg outfit unique is with accessories, from masks and hoods to bondage collars and harnesses, these simple accessories can turn an ok outfit into a WOW factory outfit, check out our range of accessories in our online store, or if your looking for something special then why not pop in and see us, and don’t forget the shoes too, we have plenty of Pleaser Demonia shoes & boots in store for both men and women.

Don’t Risk It, If In Doubt, Check it Out…

If your not 100% sure that your outfit is going to meet the exacting standards to get into this event then you can email the office via [email protected] right up until the day before the party and they will be happy to confirm if your outfit is up to the job.

Still Looking for Inspiration?

If after all of that you are still looking for inspiration for what to wear to TG, then why not check out their Instagram Feed and see what others have been wearing to this amazing event.