I acquired a Doxy 3

I was so excited when I managed to acquire a Doxy Number 3 – having seen many many hot porn vids featuring various wands, and hearing/reading others raving about the Doxy, I could hardly wait to get it home and yank my knickers off to test it out. I had to wait though, as wanking on the Tube isn’t the sort of thing that the average London commuter appreciates and I had no desire to be arrested (and separated from my new toy before I’d managed to christen it).

So, I took it home. Plugged it in. Settled back against the pillows and started to play. Rather than launching it straight at my clit, I thought I’d build up some anticipation and ran it over various sensitive parts of me, starting with my nipples and heading southward to the main event. It…..didn’t really do anything for my nipples (I like sucking more than buzzing in that area) so I gave up on that pretty quickly and pressed it against my clit instead.

Then removed it pretty quickly, as the intensity of the buzzing was waaaaay too much for me to begin with. Dialled it down a bit, put it back again. Better.


There are toys which can get me to orgasm within five minutes (like the Womanizer, the Satisfyer Rabbit and the WeVibe Rave) but the Doxy definitely wasn’t turning out to be one of them. In fact, half an hour later, I was sweaty and grimacing in frustration…..no matter what setting I used it on, how hard I pressed it against me, or how lightly; I just could not reach anywhere near the right pitch of sensation for my orgasm. It made my cunt clench, my leg muscles spasm, and eventually – my clit numb, but not once did I feel the climax building.

I put it down to being tired and having perhaps unrealistic expectations, and resolved to try again sometime soon. Then finished the job with the WeVibe Rave.

Attempt #2

Once again – a long session in which I tried every angle, setting and position I could think of. No orgasm. Not even close. The vibration just seemed to be at the wrong pitch for me. Again, I set the Doxy aside and reached for one of my reliable silicone friends to help me over the line (which I managed in the usual 5-10 minutes).

I was crushed with disappointment – the Doxy, the wonderful, fabulous, life-changing bit of kit that has brought so much pleasure to so many people……just doesn’t do it for me. I wrestled briefly with feelings of guilt and inadequacy before pulling myself sharply up by the bootstraps – everyone’s body is different, and there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with me for not having achieved inDoxytrination.

I put it away sadly, wondering if perhaps I should sell it on.

Not yet…..

And then, the Mr came round one evening. He was most keen to try it out, having never used one himself either. I suspect he also harboured the idea that he could succeed where I had not; in using it to make me come. I could have told him that if I, the ultimate expert on my own orgasms, couldn’t manage it then he had no chance.

I was right, of course. But in his hands, the Doxy was transformed…..no longer was it merely a source of resentment and sexual frustration….in fact, my inability to ride the Doxy to paroxysm of climax became the very thing that I now value it for.

Dear Reader, as it turns out; the Doxy 3 is the most delicious and magnificent torture device in the world.

I love a bit of tease and denial – few things make me as hot and wet as being told “not yet” and being left hanging on the edge of that sweet, spreading sting. But the Doxy 3 doesn’t even get me close to that point. It’s a whole new level of denial which I’d never experienced before. This was the opposite of forced orgasms; this was forced no-orgasms to the nth degree.

For hours, he made me writhe and scream and plead as he slid the Doxy across my labia, pressed it against my clit and circled the entrance to my cunt with it. I practically gave myself whiplash from unrelieved tension as the too-intense, too-high-pitched vibrations bought me to fever pitch and kept me there in a state of teeth-gritted, taut-muscled unfulfilment. My leg muscles twitched and spasmed in concert with the pressure of the Doxy on my clit.  I alternately lay passive and humped the damn thing in desperation. His expression was positively gleeful as he ordered me to lie flat and pushed my legs even further apart while I begged and shrieked for mercy. He even had to turn it off for a while to let it cool down, it had been overheating from working so hard and so long at making me NOT come.

He let me lie for a while, panting and gasping, unable to speak until I’d let some of the tension seep out of my limbs and slowed my heartbeat.

And then he started it up again. And for another hour of blissful, screaming, mind-bending torture, I still didn’t – couldn’t – orgasm. What a mind-fuck. Goddamn. Wow.

Finally, he showed me mercy and replaced the buzzing silicone head with his own tongue and fingers.

I came in minutes, clawing at the duvet and practically sobbing with relief.

I’ve decided to keep the Doxy 3.