High expectations

When I was offered a couple of sachets of cannabis lube to review, I was most intrigued. Obviously, the first question I had to ask was “Does it get you high?” (which; for myself and a lot of other people is the whole point of the cannabis plant). As there were no warnings on the packaging, I suspected the answer to that was going to be ‘no’….

A bit of background on the various types of oil extract that can be obtained from varieties of the cannabis plant (bear with me, this is relevant). The ones we’re most interested in here are THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Only THC is responsible for the psychtropic effect of cannabis (translation: it gets you stoned) – CBD is actually thought to counteract the effect. Some strains of cannabis are grown (and burned or eaten) for their high THC content, some types for their low THC. Hemp is a particular strain of cannabis grown for its very low THC and used in many legal, theraputic products for its other beneficial qualities.

I examined the ingredients list to try and work out what I was dealing with here. The front of the packet clearly features the recognisable pointy leaf and the statement “contains cannabis sativa seed oil” while on the back, the product description says “with hemp seed oil”. Ok, no need to put tortilla chips on standby in case of the munchies then.

Hempirical testing

The lube has a pleasant aroma – clean and fresh but without being medicinal or reminiscent of household cleaning products. Even before it touched my skin, it felt soothing and theraputic.

The consistency is fairly light -perhaps too much so for anal use. It doesn’t much resemble the feel of my body’s natural lubricant, being less thick and dense but that isn’t a drawback at all. It feels good for finger-to-clit and vulva application, especially if you slather it on generously. However, it doesn’t last for a very long time before it’s overcome by friction, so we had to halt and re-apply quite a few times. By the time I’d anointed my partner’s ready-for-action cock with the lube, I was wet enough from my own excitement that the staying-power of the lube wasn’t a problem.


Some lubes taste awful. I’m not a fan of the fake-fruit flavours, let alone the more exotic cocktail (fnar) themes – if I wanted to eat plastic strawberries, I’d buy those long red bootlace sweets. Fortunately, the taste of the cannabis lube is as pleasant as its smell – in fact, it’s almost yummy. Definitely blowjob-friendly for the dry of mouth (which, as I have a tendency to open-mouthed panting, is something of a bonus).

I didn’t notice any especially particular soothing effect, although CDB oil is known for its theraputic properties although on application, it did feel cool and….sort of refreshing.The packaging recommends carrying out a test on the forearm before mixing it up with playtime but because I’m incapable of delayed gratification; I didn’t take this step. Luckily I’m not allergic to any of the ingredients.

The lube is water-based and compatible with natural rubber latex condoms as well as all sex toys. As I mentioned previously; it may not be heavy-duty enough to use in anal play, although the soothing effect of the CBD oil and the inclusion of agave leaf extract may make it a useful post-session ointment!

Intended use: This is a personal lubricant, for penile and/or vaginal application intended to moisurize and lubricate, to enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity and supplement the body's natural lubrication. This product is compatible with natural rubber latex condoms.

Instructions and ingredients


6/10 because while it’s nice stuff; I’m something of an endurance shagger/wanker and I need something that’s able to keep up

If you want to try this Cannabis / CBD oil based personal lube for your self then you can get a 125ml tube here.