It is always lovely to visit Latex, Leather & Lace in their boutique store and last December my Stunt Cock took my submissive to do some Birthday shopping there.

She instantly fell in love with this basque, and so that became one of her Birthday presents.

Well, what is there not to like about it? A stunning piece of lingerie made right here in the UK, and it screams quality at you proudly. The retro design just looks so pretty.

Black Floral Lace Metal Boned 6 Strap Suspender Basque

Black Floral Lace Metal Boned 6 Strap Suspender Basque

So, let me tell you about the Black Floral Lace metal Boned 6 Strap Suspender Basque from Latex, Leather & Lace.

I can highly recommend calling in on Latex, Leather & Lace in their boutique in Barwell, Leicestershire. You always get a warm welcome, and you can try lingerie before you buy which makes a lot of sense.

They carry a fantastic array of body safe sex toys, shoes, boots and of course sexy outfits.

Materials and design

This retro basque looks amazing, featuring beautiful detailing in the form of lace panels stitched over a base of four-way stretch nylon/lycra. It is both intricate and also very functional.

I love just running my fingers over the lacy material, it feels so sensual. The design of the lace is stunning, and the fabric feels very tactile. The pictures in this review don’t do it any justice at all.

You can buy a matching brief for this basque, but as sub’r’ doesn’t wear panties we didn’t get one. She says they just get in the way of her fun – kinky girl.

This basque is available in sizes 32B to 40DD, and if Latex, Leather & Lace don’t have the size you want in stock, they can get it incredibly quickly. Their supply chain is second to none.

The three rows of hook and eyes make it easy to fit correctly

The three rows of hook and eyes make it easy to fit correctly

The material used in this basque is so stretchy, and that means using the three rows of hook and eye fasteners give you lots of freedom to get the fit you enjoy. It also makes it so comfortable to wear as it clings tightly to your curves while not restricting movement in any way.

Both the stitching and materials are excellent. Just turning it inside out to admire the detailed stitching just shows you that the manufacturer Nylon Dreams really know what they are doing. They obviously have excellent quality control as it is flawless.

It’s nice to find a piece of lingerie that looks like it has been designed with longevity in mind.

Fantastic quality, I couldn't find a stitch wrong

Fantastic quality, I couldn’t find a stitch wrong

This is our first piece of lingerie from Nylon Dreams, and it won’t be our last. I am really impressed by their designs and attention to detail. This is a basque designed for longevity as well as stunning looks, and it is going to last a very long time.

The term Best of British definitely springs to mind.

It is nice to see Latex, Leather & Lace once again promoting fantastic manufacturers, especially ones from the UK. With so many cheap Chinese manufactured outfits on the market, it is refreshing to see something of this quality available for those of us with discerning tastes.

The cups are underwired, and the main body has fine metal boning, and this gives it a very nice fit. The shoulder straps are adjustable and also removable, so you have lots of options as to how you wear it.

The padded cups are comfortable and carry the floral lace design. They produce a rather lovely cleavage and sub’r’ delighted in admiring hers in the mirror the first time she put it on.

While it looks lovely and is comfortable to wear, my absolute favourite part of it are the six suspenders on it. I love having three suspender straps on each side rather than just two. In my opinion, they also look much sexier than just the two suspenders.

Image showing the suspender straps

It’s so nice to have three suspender straps with excellent clips on the end

These suspender straps are 3/4″/19mm wide, and each features strong metal clips. They are probably the first suspender clips I have ever been happy with.

They grip a stocking top exceedingly well and are so easy to fit and remove. Finally a set of suspenders that aren’t continually popping off your stocking tops (there is nothing more annoying).

Comfort and fit

As sub’r’ has owned this basque for about three months now I was interested to see how it has held up. She has worn it on numerous occasions now both under clothing and as the main event so to speak. She has also hand washed it repeatedly, but it still looks as good as new.

I love how comfortable and sexy she looks in it. The way that it exposes and enhances her cleavage is fantastic, and it doesn’t restrict her movement in any way.

Image showing the back of the basque

The back breathes well and is nice and stretchy helping to give you a great fit

She has enjoyed being restrained in it, she has been flogged in it, and everything that we have thrown at it hasn’t affected it in any way at all. It still looks as good as new, and the design and patterns on it still look fantastic.

When sub’r’ wears it her face lights up and she feels so sexy and confident in it. I love seeing her strut her stuff in fetish clubs with stockings and no panties in it.

So here is what sub’r’ thinks about it:

I just love this basque, when I first laid my eyes on it at Latex, Leather & Lace, it almost took my breath away as it is just so beautiful.

When I put it on it makes me feel so sexy. I am usually very self-aware of my curves. But, when wearing this basque, I want people to look at me. I relish feeling their eyes on my body admiring my curves in it.

It is my favourite basque, and I wear it often, it is an excellent excuse to wear stockings which is something I love doing. The suspender straps on it are fantastic, they are easy to attach to a stocking top, and they never come undone inadvertently.

I often wear it in clubs, and I love the confidence that it gives me. The attention I get when wearing it is a massive turn on and confidence boost for me.

Image showing sub'r' wearing it in a swingers club

sub’r’ loves wearing it and always forgets to bring panties when visiting swingers or fetish clubs


We love this vintage styled basque from Nylon Dreams, it is fantastic. Not only is it comfortable to wear but it looks so sexy too.

The super stretchy material makes it so easy to fit and it doesn’t get too warm wearing it.

The removable shoulder straps give you flexibility but the best feature by far are the suspenders. They are fabulous and a pet peeve of mine is suspenders coming undone and this is the first set I have seen that are so easy to use and so effective.

I love the other designs from Nylon Dreams available over at Latex, Leather & Lace. It is a brand to watch as their products are just soooo good.

If you are looking for a comfortable and sexy basque then definitely give this one some serious consideration.

I bought this basque for sub’r’ and we have enjoyed reviewing it for Latex, Leather & Lace.

Grab one for yourself

You can buy yourself one over at Latex, Leather & Lace for just £46.99.